Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes

It’s easy to turn your favorite pancake batter into a festive St. Patrick’s Day breakfast!

Here is my attempt at a shamrock shape, I’m sure you can do better…I had 2 hungry boys telling me to hurry!


Because gluten free flours take longer to absorb liquids, mix up your batter first then get your skillet heated up. This extra resting time will produce fluffier pancakes.

Since most recipes call for baking powder (which should be ‘double-acting’), a reaction will occur once the dry and wet ingredients are mixed, then again once the mixture is heated. So even though the initial reaction to create loft (due to the gasses produced) has somewhat lessened, when they are cooked you will still get well-risen pancakes.

Use your own pancake mix – or try one of ours, then for a bit of ‘Irish’ spirit, add a few drops of green food coloring into the batter. MintChocChipPancakes2

Once you spoon the batter onto the hot greased skillet (into whichever shape you like), drop a few gluten free mint chocolate chips into the batter.  You could also use plain or white chocolate chips, then add a drop or two of peppermint extract.

When adding the chocolate chips, I prefer dropping them onto the pancakes, compared to stirring the chocolate chips into the batter, since I can better control how many are in each – but it’s all up to you!

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Flip once edges start to bubble. MintChocChipPancakes3


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