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Your search for a gluten free sherpa is finally over. At the Gluten Free Club, we’ve put together experts and a community full of people who’ve learned the secrets to living a gluten free lifestyle without the confusion and stress.

We’re passionate about making the change as easy as possible. It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing, not when you have support.

Unlike many other communities, we’re all about treating you like a real person.

You won’t just read articles by nameless doctors who may not understand how hard it is to switch from eating whatever you want to carefully studying everything to make sure it’s gluten free.

We’ve gathered professionals and experts who not only understand you, but have also been exactly where you are.

Real Experts

Plenty of sites are full of information about living gluten free, but how do you know it’s reliable? We understand your concern, so our advisory team is comprised of a variety of medical experts including doctors, nutritionists and research experts.

For example, we currently teamed up with the fantastic folks from who make it super easy to get real, gluten-free, no-worries food delivered right to your doorstep. For your company, your friends, your kids … or of course for yourself.

From cancer and drug research to diabetes and immune dysfunction, our experts cover the spectrum. You want trusted advice? We deliver.

Supportive Community

It’s our goal to create a thriving community where you receive the support you need to stick with a gluten free diet.

Whether by choice or for a medical reason, our members are just like you and are always there to help you find your way.

With 150,000+ members already, our community is growing every day. It’s easy to become a part of the community. Ask anyone. Support and advice from real people is the best way to be successful with any dietary change.

Recipes, Advice and Fun

We’re proud to say we have a growing library of over 800 recipes.

Many of which have been tried and tested in our own personal kitchens. We hate hearing gluten free has to taste horrible. It doesn’t. Find out how to make your favorite foods without gluten and without losing the yumminess factor.

Okay, so it may take a few tries to get it just right, but the recipes will get you well on your way.

You don’t always want to eat in. Not a problem. Our site is filled with articles written by experts and contributors who’ve successfully switched to gluten free.

Learn how to eat at your favorite restaurants without sacrificing your diet or health.

Yes, it really is possible. We’re passionate about making sure you enjoy your new diet instead of spending all your time dreading your next meal.

Forget about boring here at Gluten Free Club. It’s a club after all. We want you to have fun while learning the best ways to cook, eat and live gluten free. Interact and make friends. Become a real expert yourself.

Guidance For Life

While we’d love to have you as a member for life, our job is to hold your hand until you’re ready to take off the training wheels so to speak.

We look forward to sharing our world with you.

Connect With Us

To learn more about anything related to Gluten Free and Paleo living, please browse our site. And if you have any questions regarding your specific question regarding Gluten Free Living, you can contact us here. We love to hear from you!

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