Lime & Cucumber Gin Soda

Although I have used gin made in Scotland, limes grown in Mexico, and cucumbers grown in California, all it takes is just a bit of green food coloring to turn it all Irish!

Food coloring aside (which of course you don’t normally put in this drink), this is a satisfying sugar-free cocktail that all your gin-loving friends will love.


I discovered this cucumber flavored club soda at our grocery store over the holiday season last year. Once I found out it was only a seasonal item and they only carried it at Christmas, I quickly loaded up my cart with about 10 cases.

However if you can’t find any of this fantastic naturally flavored club soda (either because your store doesn’t carry it, or I’ve already been in ahead of you and cleared everything out!), a few thin slices of fresh cucumber will do the same thing. CucumberGin2

Into a small highball glass with 3 ice cubes add,

1 1/2 oz gin

Lime wedge, squeezed

Cucumber slices

Top up with club soda (or Tonic)

Stir, relax, now sit back and watch your kids set up their Leprechaun traps the night before St. Patrick’s Day!



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