A boy takes a bite of a recently picked apple, Sweden. Adobe RGB.

Gluten Free Snacking

A boy takes a bite of a recently picked apple, Sweden. Adobe RGB.

Healthy gluten free snacking is important to help to manage hunger and reduce binging. Gluten free snacks that contain protein will also help to stabilize your blood sugar. When blood sugar levels become too high or too low you might experience a lack of energy, mood swings and food cravings. There is also a greater tendency to overeat when blood sugar drops too low and you feel desperate for some food.

Select snacks that have high nutritional value like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds. Beans also make a perfect snack that is naturally gluten free and high in protein. Many of my clients find that it is helpful to bring snacks with them to work and in the car so they have something safe to nibble on. You can prepare healthy snacks in advance and store them in a Tupperware container for easy access.

Try making your own hummus. It is safer than premade store-bought hummus that can have hidden gluten or unhealthy additives and preservatives.  Slice raw carrots and celery into sticks and dip into the hummus for a great tasting snack.


Here are a few more delicious recipes to snack on:

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