Gini Warner

Gini Warner, Clinical Nutritionist

Gini’s Background Gini Warner

Gini completed her master’s degree in health education and Nutritional Science at New York University in 1988 and has been working with families, individuals and corporations in the fields of celiac disease, immune dysfunction, diabetes, osteoporosis, weight loss and overall wellness. She has been a practicing nutritional counselor for more than twenty years.

Gini Warner develops nutritional programs for people with food allergies, safe weight control, diabetes, eating for energy, disease prevention, and overall nutritional balance. She believes that the key to achieving proper nutrition and overall health is in making positive lifestyle changes. Her clients learn to make healthier choices through eating-awareness training.

Gini has developed wellness programs for corporations nationwide including AT&T, Citibank and Revlon. These programs have dramatically improved the health and quality of life for their employees.

Gini writes articles for the Celiac Spru News and the Gluten Free Club. As a clinical nutritionist, Gini works in most areas of nutritional wellness for adults and children, and welcomes referrals from medical doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals. She offers nutritional counseling  in person or online.

Client Testimonies

“I have known Gini Warner for several years and can state she is a highly skilled, honest and sincere professional. I have referred my patients that have needed nutritional guidance to her many times and the outcome is always a successful one.” -Steven R. Goldstein, M.D. New York University Medical Center

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“With your knowledge and patience, bearing in mind my individual needs and problems, you were successful in devising a program which enabled me to achieve weight loss, which up until that time I was unable to do. Your friendship and understanding along with your skills were no doubt an asset in helping me achieve what I set out to do.”
-Sandra Kerner, Boca Raton, FL

“Gini was employed at AT&T at 550 Madison Avenue as a nutritionist. Gini designed and conducted monthly nutrition seminars which helped employees in making better choices in their diet. This resulted in more productivity in our office.”
-Claire Lukas, AT&T Health/Fitness Supervisor

“Gini worked in my Laguna Beach office. I experienced a tremendous amount of success with the patients that I referred to her. She is very supportive with her clients. Gini provides results and an education.”
-Silvana Balsimelli, D.C., Costa Mesa, CA

Gini Warner
Clinical Nutritionist

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