Spring Cupcakes

Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes1

For me, nothing says spring has finally arrived, until I see those first few robin’s hopping over the dried brown grass looking for worms.

So, inspired by our red-breasted feathered friends, I created these beautiful ‘birds nest’ cupcakes.

Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes1

Spring Cupcakes
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 12
Nothing heralds the coming of Spring like a birds nest. These beautiful cupcakes will brighten the dullest Spring day.
  1. Prepare and bake cupcakes according to recipe directions (for cupcakes, test for doneness after 18 minutes).
  2. Frost with icing, then gently place chocolate curls around edge of cupcake to create a nest.
  3. Fill with egg candy.



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