Closeup of woman’s lips and a brush with lipstick

Is My Makeup Making Me Sick?

Closeup of woman’s lips and a brush with lipstick

There is still so much inaccurate information on the internet about celiac disease that we should all be aware of.  A lot of incorrect information is also passed around by misinformed patients. A client came to my office recently that had been just diagnosed with celiac disease. She was told by her celiac friends that she should only use gluten free makeup, shampoos and skin care products. Therefore, she threw out all of the products she had been using and spent a lot of money to replace everything.

This is a common myth. Gluten needs to be ingested and react with the intestine to cause a problem. If an externally used skin care product irritates your skin you should stop using it but, it will not cause celiac disease. The only type of makeup that should be gluten free is your lipstick because of the possibility of being ingested while eating.

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