Gluten Free Diet Cures Man With Psoriasis

Psoriosis1 I’d like to share with you a real life true success story from a client I treated:

“In my early twenties I started noticing dry skin patches on my elbows, knee caps and outer ankles. The areas with skin patches incessantly itched and this itching led to open wounds. It looked ugly and people constantly asked me what happened to me. They thought that I had some kind of biking accident. I started to feel self-conscious about it.

I finally went to my dermatologist who prescribed a topical remedy to heal the skin patches. He told me that I had psoriasis and that it was incurable and I would need to use a topical crème to keep it under control for the rest of my life. The crème was somewhat effective in helping to reduce the itching but it didn’t change the appearance of my skin nor did it cure the problem. This persisted for the next twenty years.

I went to several other dermatologists with the hope of finding a permanent solution and the cause of the root cause of the psoriasis. I was told that the condition was primarily caused by stress. I went to see Gini, a Clinical Nutritionist because she was recommended to me by a friend.  She suggested that I try a gluten free diet. No doctors even remotely suggested that there might be a relationship between my diet and this skin condition.

At this point I was willing to try anything to cure the embarrassing skin patches and the discomfort that they caused. I slowly began to eliminate gluten and the itching gradually lessened. After about two weeks I was completely gluten free and I noticed the redness and dry skin begin to disappear. I also noticed that I was feeling less bloated after eating. I was so amazed and thankful that someone finally found a solution for my psoriasis!  My nutritionist concluded that I am gluten sensitive.”

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