Pouring Coffee

Coffee & Tea: Are They Gluten Free?

Pouring Coffee

Most instant or powdered coffee does not contain gluten however, watch out for flavored coffee! They often contain hidden gluten.

The process of decaffeinating coffee should not use gluten but many celiac’s have symptoms from drinking decaffeinated coffee. The problem could be the chemicals that are used in the decaffeinating process.

I always get a reaction when drinking tea so I researched the problem. I found that some herbal teas contain barley. Make sure to read labels carefully! But don’t worry, if you are a tea lover because there are many gluten free teas. For example, Celestial Seasonings teas are gluten free.


Looking for some herbal tea remedies to help relieve symptoms? Check out  “Herbs To Help Heal Celiac Disease And Gluten Sensitivity”

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