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Why More Gluten Tolerant People Are Choosing To Eat Gluten Free

Family Having Roast Chicken Dinner It turns out there are lots of people going on the gluten free diet even though they are not gluten intolerant.  I was curious as to why someone would decide to follow a more complicated diet routine when it wasn’t really necessary, so I did some research.

It seems the increased awareness of the damage the gluten protein can do to the body is making people more concerned about eating wheat.   The doctors now know there are lots of people who have Celiac disease and just haven’t been diagnosed yet.   Apparently there are plenty of people with digestive problems who decide to test the gluten free waters themselves first before going to see a doctor.  In other words, they try gluten free living to see if some of their health problems disappear.  You can have gluten intolerance without Celiac disease but not the other way around.

Of course, there are also people who like trying every new diet that comes along.  Unfortunately they see the gluten free diet as another fad diet, but it’s not a fad.  For people with Celiac disease, it’s a lifesaver diet.   But they just decide to give it a try and see if they get any benefits.  When you read about the gluten protein and the intestinal problems it can cause, it’s no wonder some people want to try the gluten free diet.

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One of the big problems with trying a gluten fee diet when you really are gluten intolerant, but haven’t been diagnosed, is the fact you will now have fewer symptoms to report.  This can make it harder to diagnose the disease or intolerance.  The gluten free diet needs some careful nutritional balance too.  You can’t just give up all foods with wheat and not make some other diet adjustments to make sure you get all the vitamins you need.

On the upside is the fact the gluten free diet is healthy because you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  But you may also eat more starchy foods and put on weight if you’re not careful.  On the other hand, you will be eating less processed food which is always a good thing.

The great news is that the increased interest in gluten free foods is turning into a food retailer’s dream.  More and more people are spending big dollars buying specialty foods.

In turn, food manufacturers are vying for the gluten free business by making a greater variety and more interesting gluten foods.  When you look at the foods available, it almost seems we are just about at the point where there is a gluten free version of almost every kind of food.

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I personally am happy there are so many people buying gluten free foods who are not gluten intolerant.  I figure they will help drive the price of the gluten free foods down.  That would be a great thing in my books!

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