What is a Sugar Free Diet?

SugarTable A Sugar-Free diet avoids foods that are high in carbohydrates (of which sugar is the building block), which in turn raises the level of glucose in the blood stream quickly, thereby increasing insulin production, eventually ending in the storage of fat.

Strict Sugar-Free dieters should avoid all foods that contain added sugars as well as fruit and any vegetables that contain natural sugars such as peas, carrots and parsnips.

A less extreme form of the diet – which we are using to categorize our GFC recipes, allows most fruits and vegetables, and restricts all added sugars, honey and processed foods that contain sugar.

Below is a list of some foods to avoid:

  • White rice (brown rice OK), potatoes (sweet potatoes OK), corn
  • Bananas, beets, raisins, pineapple
  • Honey, syrups
  • Salad dressings and sauces (where sugar is listed in the top 3 of the ingredient label)
  • Sugar-cured meats (ham is often cured with salt and sugar)
  • Gluten free beer

*For a more thorough list of foods to avoid and more reference information, see those websites dedicated to a sugar free lifestyle.

Please note: Some recipes we categorize as Sugar-Free may have ingredients that are easily substituted for Sugar-Free-allowed ingredients and we assume you will make the correct substitutions (eg. artificial sweetener instead of sugar, dark chocolate instead of milk or semi-sweet chocolate), or omit them entirely if possible. We have tried to be as thorough and complete as we can in identifying Sugar Free-friendly ingredients in our recipes, however our list is by no means exhaustive, and some ingredients may have been overlooked. If you notice a problem please use the “Report A Problem” link on the page you notice it on and tell us about it.

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