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Gluten Free Club Cartoon – Sharks


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  1. I am not a Celiac Intolerant person but a lot of my friends are and your recipes are so helpful, delicious and you wouldn’t notice the difference anyway. Thank you. Sancha Ashton Queensland, Australia

  2. Love the new web site. I don’t do a lot of cooking because I live in a retirement / long term village. Our meals are included in our rent. I usually tale advantage of the dinner and make my own breakfast and supper.

    I am going to take advantage of your how to shop for gluten free products. It does seem to take forever to shop.

    Thanks for making all of the info available.

    Sandra Pickett

  3. To be able to eat and not have my stomach ache is such a
    blessing. Thank you for all the helpful information for me, who
    is just getting started with this new diet. Charlotte

  4. I was diagnosed 6mths ago and didn’t know where to start. Hitting your site was the best thing I did – the recipes are great and I’ve started putting weight back on and feeling better in my self. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for the kind words… we really appreciate you taking the time to say so.

  6. I was diagnosed several years ago, and it seemed like it was one more thing I had to avoid. I am also allergic to all fruit, and that means fruit juices too. Have to clarify that, because so many people say this has no fruit in it, but when reading the ingredients will say something like “lemon juice” or “apple fiber” or even worse, “orange or lemon peel”. On top of that diagnosis of fruit allergy (which I already knew I had) and celiac disease, the doctor said no more chocolate or coffee, my two favorite pick-me ups. So doing research, I found this site and it has been a life saver. I have been able to get recipes from this site that do not have fruit, chocolate and of course are gluten-free. Now that I have gone through all those recipes, I took the time to log in again on your new site. Love the format. You are doing great service, and I really appreciate it, Angie. Thank you.

  7. Hello, I do not have celiac disease; however I do had Ulcerative Colitis and IBD. Everything seems to bother me and I have to be so careful. My husband and I have finally said we are going to a gluten free diet and we are hoping it helps me. Thank you for you site! I know we are just starting but to me this site is a big help!


  8. Diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Celiac. I was so ‘down’ and could not entertain the idea of a special diet. I honestly didn’t know where to begin. I log onto your website on a daily basis because I can see that I do have choices. I just happened to find you, and it’s been a blessing and very encouraging. I do not like to cook, but looks like I can handle some of your recipes. Thank you. Chris, Virginia, USA

  9. I know how big of an adjustment it is, its quite overwhelming at first. But hang in there, it really is easy to cook gluten free food that tastes fantastic – you just have to be aware of the ingredients you’re buying (for hidden gluten). In all of our recipes we have put ‘GF’ before any ingredients that can potentially contain gluten, so make sure you read the label of those products and make sure its gluten free. If you sign up for our daily email recipe, you’ll have access to a lot more recipes on our site. Take care and try and stay positive during this new lifestyle transition – we’re here to help!

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