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Are Celiacs Prone To Diabetes?

Needle_Vial There are approximately 12 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States and another five million undiagnosed. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people ages 20-74. It is the most common cause of vascular disease. One million of the diagnosed diabetics are type 1 (insulin dependent).

A recent study showed that 8-10% of this group will also develop celiac disease. Scientists at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa found that nearly half of patients with type 1 diabetes showed an abnormal immune response to wheat proteins.

Diabetes is a lack or deficiency of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that enables the body to use and store glucose (sugar). Glucose is critical for muscle and body function. Diabetes can be reversed with dietary modifications. It is important to work with an experienced nutritionist that will design a program specific to your needs.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009. I was sleeping eighteen hours a day and not going to work because I was too tired. I was getting blurry vision at night and I was so scared. I was referred to Gini Warner for nutritional counseling and she made several gradual changes in my diet and educated me about the reasons for the changes. I lost 40 pounds and I’m  working full-time! My vision is back to normal!” (Susan, Age 35)

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