Skeleton Gingerbread

A simple frosting design will turn your friendly candy covered gingerbread men into frightfully-freaky skeletons!


Be sure the dough has chilled for at least 30 minutes. That allows the flours to absorb the moisture (making a less gritty cookie), as well it makes rolling the dough out much easier.SkeletonGingerbread2

Pipe design/outlines using the stiffer consistency of royal icing (see Royal Icing Techniques for more info). You don’t need to let the outlines dry, you can move on to ‘flooding’ the cookie right away.SkeletonGingerbread3

Drop by drop (with water) thin out the icing until it is the right consistency to flood – you want it thin enough so it can spread itself out and self level, but still thick enough that you don’t see any cookie underneath it. Spoon a bit on the cookie and see what happens, using the tip of the spoon to pull the icing around to fill in all the spaces (take care not to touch the outline with the spoon or you can break the line, and the flood icing will spill out).SkeletonGingerbread4

For the face, use a very small spoon to carefully drip and pull the icing around to fill everything in.SkeletonGingerbread5


Skeleton Gingerbread

Marla Hingley


  • Once the cookies are baked and have cooled completely, prepare the royal icing.
  • Use the stiffer consistency of icing to outline everything, then thin the remaining icing with a bit of water so you are able to 'flood'/fill in the outlines. See Royal Icing Techniques for more detail.
  • Let the decorated cookies dry for at least 2 hours, or until dry to the touch
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