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New Site Launch Apologies

Launch ApologiesI just wanted to take a few moments to point out a couple of issues we are still having from the launch of the new site.

We’ve had several weeks of working through problems and are confident that the site is going to work awesomely 🙂 but these are the lingering bits:

  1. Content Access Problems: All users have the ability to see summary content on the various category pages, even if you don’t have access to it.  If you click on a post that looks interesting or mouth-watering, you may see a big old stop sign in your way.  Sorry about that, we aren’t trying to tease you to death and we are working on hiding posts that you don’t have access to so that this doesn’t happen.
  2. Emails in Your Inbox? Some people suddenly started receiving email from us after not having heard from us for a while.  The reason is different email systems have different deliverabilty rates.  So, when we moved from the old email system to the new one you may have been able to receive emails again.  That’s nice, if that’s what you wanted, but some people forgot they had signed up and it was a surprise.  Sorry about that!  I think we have resolved that issue now.
  3. Old Links Don’t Work Anymore: You may have many emails from us that gave you access to recipes and articles in the past, but now, with the new site you can’t get to them.  This is related to issue #1 above, and we are working on it.  In fact, I believe that you should have access to everything you were emailed in the past within the next week or so.  We will update you on this progress when it happens.
  4. “Member Since” Date is Wrong: Long time members have noticed that their “Member Since” date on their My Account page is only December 2013.  That’s not because we didn’t want to honor your longevity, but simply because that’s when your information was moved to the new site.  At this point we aren’t sure there’s a simple way to change this, but if we find one we will certainly update your profile with your original start date.
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That’s it!  I hope we will have all of these problems resolved in the near future, as best as we can.  We want to be approachable and transparent with these issues so that you know what to expect.

Thanks for joining with us on this journey.

Angie & the Gluten Free Club Team

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  1. You are doing GREAT!!! This is the first time I’ve really been on the site.
    KEEP the recipes coming. Love them, I’ve made a few, fantastic!!! ❤ ☺ ❀

  2. Hi Angie

    I have been a member of the site since I discovered it about seven years ago I think. I was desperately looking for help with a gluten free diet. I did buy an e-book which was about 14 dollars then but was never able to access it for some reason. However I have very much enjoyed the recipes and information I have gleaned over the years and I am much more comfortable with my situation. Coeliac disease is a mystery to those who have never had to manage it so I really appreciate your willingness to share what you do.

    L. Evans U.K.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this. As Mark Twain said, “I can last two months on a good compliment.” I sincerely appreciate your kindness. As for the e-book, I’m so sorry that you never got it. I’ve sent you an email with something that I hope will make up for that.

  4. HI Angie,

    I love your site. It is most helpful especially as I babysit young children with sensitivity to gluten. So I really appreciate the gluten free recipes. To make easier, I feed every one the same and the children ask often for seconds. They do not see a difference in taste and texture from regular recipe.

    Even my hubby, who is a picky eater, likes them.

    Thank you very.

  5. Yes, it’s best if you stay logged in. That way you can see all the recipes and articles that you are emailed and have access to without having to log in every time. If you use a public computer, you’ll find that you need to login before you can view the content you’ve been given.

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