Gluten Intolerance – A Misconstrued Label

Woman Gluten intolerance is a label that is often misconstrued. Simply put, if you have celiac disease, you are gluten intolerant. But it is possible to be gluten intolerant and not have celiac disease. Anyone who has symptoms that are caused by ingesting gluten that are relieved by eliminating gluten from the diet is called gluten intolerant.

The standard test for diagnosing celiac disease is the intestinal biopsy. Celiac disease is a serious medical condition that should not be self-diagnosed. It is important to know that the results from a normal biopsy does not necessarily exclude celiac disease for life. When getting tested a key consideration is if the patient has been consuming gluten before the test. Your test results will come back normal when on a gluten-free diet. However to make the test truly effective one must be eating gluten for 1-3 months to confirm the diagnosis of celiac disease.

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