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Substitutes for Mayonnaise – What Can I Use instead?

If you open refrigerators in many households, you are probably going to be met by a jar of mayonnaise. It can be homemade or bought readily from the food stores. Eggs, oil, and vinegar/lemon are used in making this condiment. It is used as a dressing, as a spread, or a base for making several sauces.

The nutritional value of mayonnaise is not worth mentioning if you are worried about cutting weight. Mayo is high in calories and fats, factors that contribute to weight gain. Although mayonnaise adds a magical taste to your food, you can substitute it with healthier options such as avocados, Greek yogurt, hummus, or even pesto.

Mayonnaise – Texture, taste, and Uses

Mayonnaise can be described as a creamy condiment that is thick and shiny. It can be off-white or slightly yellow. Some producers use the whole egg when making mayo, while others use egg yolks only.

For every tablespoon of mayo, you consume 100grams of calories. These are enough recommended calories for a whole day! Mayonnaise has a mild taste with a dense consistency that makes it irresistible in dishes it is used in.

While at home or in a restaurant, mayonnaise is used in different ways, which include:

In dressing: the rich condiment is used for dressing salads to improve their tastes. You can never get enough of the salads dressed with this condiment. There is no specific amount of mayo to use since its mild flavor allows you to use it as you like.
As a spread: mayonnaise is used in spreading instead of butter, jam, and peanut butter. It makes your bread tasty. When using mayonnaise for spreading your bread, it is always good to eat it soon to prevent your bread from becoming soggy.
As a base: when making certain sauces such as tartar and salsa sauces, mayonnaise make a good base that makes these sauces look appealing. It also gives them a distinctive taste. Sauces made using mayonnaise base are firm and lots more presentable.
In making sandwiches: when enjoying that burger or sandwich, it cannot feel complete without a touch of mayo. A thin stripe of mayo is used to complement the taste. If you like more, you can add according to your preference.
In baking. When making cakes, you can use mayo to make your cake soft and moist. How else do you want your cake if not soft and moist? Since eggs are the primary ingredients used in making cakes, adding a little extra from the mayo makes your cake outstanding.
For grilling: you can use mayonnaise to grill foods such as potatoes to retain their juices and give them a perfect shine.

Best Substitutes for Mayonnaise

When substituting mayonnaise, you do not want to lose the magic touch provided by this famous condiment. The alternative condiment should create a fulfilling effect in your dishes. It should also be readily available, and if a DIY, its primary ingredients should be available too. Most of these substitutes we are going to look at can be found in the groceries or food stores.

When considering health benefits, you should go with a substitute that has a better value. If the substitute has low-value addition to your diet, it is not worth considering. So, before doing away with that jar of mayo, stop and think about whatever you are getting. Some of the healthy substitutes you can go for include:

1. Avocado

This substitute is incredibly healthy. It contains fiber, fatty acids, folic, and antioxidants. It has a low amount of calories, making it a healthy food for people watching their weight. When mashed, avocados have a dense and creamy texture, like that found in mayonnaise.

Avocado has a green and light yellow color. It is soft and has a magnificent natural taste. Besides mashing an avocado, you can eat it cut in small bits. You can substitute mayonnaise with avocado for:

Spreading: when you mash your avocado, you do not need mayonnaise for making your sandwiches. Mashed avocados make great spreads and load each bite with healthy nutrients.
Dressing: it is crazy to imagine dressing your salads with anything other than mayonnaise. Heck, an avocado can do an incredible job. Avocado dressing has a thick consistency and makes your salad taste great and be more nutritious.
Baking. While mayo is used in softening cakes, you can use avocados in baking to add flavor. Yes! Instead of using bananas to make banana bread, use avocados instead.

It is another healthy substitute for mayonnaise. Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics, calcium, and proteins. It has a tangy taste and a creamy texture. The calorie content is low, with 8 calories per tablespoon. It has extremely low fats, making it a healthy option for your heart and weight loss plan.

Greek yogurt is white with a thick consistency. It is unsweetened, which makes it ideal for people that do not like sugary foods. It can be used to substitute the mayonnaise in:

Spreading: when you want to spread your bread with something healthier, use Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise. Since it is unsweetened, it makes your bread enjoyable when taking it for breakfast or as a snack.
Dressing: salads retain their original tastes when given a fine dressing. Greek yogurt makes a perfect substitute for mayonnaise in dressings. It also makes them creamy and stays fresh for a long time.

3. Hummus

As we continue considering healthy options for mayo, we cannot neglect this amazing condiment. It is made from olive oil, pureed chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic. Each tablespoon of served hummus contains 25 calories, which is way less than that found in mayonnaise.

Additionally, hummus is rich in proteins and fiber. It has a thick consistency with a nutty flavor. Unlike avocado, humus does not turn color when exposed to the air. This condiment is a great deal that you can use substituting mayonnaise in:

Spreading: give your bread a nutty flavor by spreading this substitute for mayo. Enjoy the tasty bread for your breakfast or your daytime snack.
Making sandwiches: can’t finish a day without having a sandwich? Replace mayonnaise with hummus, and you will enjoy every bite. Besides, you also enjoy loads of nutrients while monitoring your weight.
In grilling: when making grilled chicken, use hummus to add a fantastic flavor to your chicken. You will enjoy your dish and always look forward to more grilling.

4. Pesto

Pesto is an oil-based sauce that was traditionally used in Italy. It is oil-based and is made from pine nuts, olive oil, and basil. You can also use spinach, kales, or any other green vegetable instead of basil. The ingredients used in making pesto make it rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Vitamins C and A are worth noting in addition to iron and calcium.

Pesto has a thick consistency and has a delightful taste. Based on its rich nutritional contents, it can be used as a mayo substitute in:

Dressing: use pesto to dress your salads and sauces. Like mayonnaise, pesto helps in preserving your salads and giving them an unbeatable flavor. Still, you can use this substitute in your sauces to make them more appealing and make you dishes more fun
Making sandwiches: use pesto in your sandwiches to make them more flavorful. Pesto works great while substituting mayonnaise in sandwiches while adding invaluable nutrients in each bite.

5. Mustard

There are yellow, brown, and honey mustard. Whichever you choose, these substitutes are way healthier than mayonnaise. Mustard has low calories, approximately 10 per tablespoon. However, honey mustard contains 20 calories, which are still lower compared to mayonnaise.

Mustard has no fats and has a light consistency. Its flavor is tangy, which is effective on any dish it is used with. A little amount of mustard is enough to make your dish outstanding. So, use small amounts since it is stronger than mayonnaise to avoid ruining your dishes. If you are on a salt-strict diet, you ought to concentrate on the sodium content. Otherwise, mustard is a blast when used to substitute mayonnaise:

Dressing. You can use mustard in dressing your salads. However, it is not advisable to use it on egg-based salads. You won’t enjoy it that way. But, when used in other salads, it makes them yummy due to the sodium quantity used in making mustard.
In making sandwiches. Do you love a tasty sandwich? You haven’t enjoyed a nice sandwich yet if you have not tried one made with mustard. Substitute your mayonnaise with this condiment and have an unforgettable taste that will make you want to have more sandwiches.


Are you stranded about what you can substitute the mayonnaise in your dishes without losing the great taste it creates? These condiments are an excellent option for what you can start with. If you have certain allergies, you can rule out those that will not suit your health. The best thing about using these alternatives is they have better value nutritionally than mayonnaise.



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