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How Long Does Teriyaki Sauce Last? Can It Go Bad?

Can Teriyaki Sauce Go Bad? Despite its many uses, you can have a bottle of teriyaki sauce in your kitchen for a long time if you do not use it in your cooking frequently. If you are trying out a new recipe that requires teriyaki sauce, you might need very little and have to store the remaining bottle of goodness safely until you need it again.

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If you are not a frequent user of teriyaki sauce, you can easily whip up a little batch in your kitchen with ingredients you can easily find in your pantry. That way, you make the amount you need, so you do not have to worry about having too much and storing it. All you need is some water, brown sugar, honey, ginger, garlic, and corn starch. you can also include teriyaki sauce to your chicken, fish, rice, and barbeque. It can also be mixed with ground beef for a burger. So, if you are a frequent user of teriyaki sauce, you may not need to be worried about keeping it for long, because you may end up needing a new bottle within a few weeks. Even if you do not use it often, Teriyaki sauce will stay fresh in your kitchen for months after opening. If you have bought a high-quality bottle of teriyaki sauce, you can use it for years without having to worry about it going bad. Teriyaki sauce is made with a lot of soy sauce, sugar, and salt. We know that salt is a natural preservative, this is one of the reasons why teriyaki sauce can last long and retain its flavor and taste, even after years of being on the shelf or being opened.
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How to Store Teriyaki Sauce

Finding a storage place for your teriyaki sauce is very easy. For unopened teriyaki sauce, you need somewhere cool and dry. You do not need to find any special area for this sauce, a dry place in your kitchen or pantry will suffice. Make sure that wherever you keep your sauce is away from direct sunlight and heat. If your storage is above and oven or a cooker, then you should find another home for your teriyaki sauce. If you have an open bottle of teriyaki sauce, there are two ways to go. But first, ensure that you seal the cover of the bottle tightly before you begin the storage. If you are a frequent user of this sauce, and you empty bottles of it within weeks, it is okay to just screw it tightly and store it in your shelf or cabinet. While if you use it sparingly, and do not expect to finish one bottle within a year, it is best to store this sauce in a tightly sealed bottle in your refrigerator. You can get teriyaki sauce from the store or make it yourself at home. The homemade teriyaki sauce cannot be stored out in the open for long. It is best stored in the refrigerator. You can also put this in the freezer and take it out and defrost whenever you need it.
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Can You Refrigerate of Freeze Teriyaki Sauce?

There is no need to store unopened teriyaki sauce in the refrigerator. You also do not need to store it in the refrigerator if you are going to use it within a couple of weeks. If you are not sure of how long you are going to have it for, then the refrigerator is the best way to go. Freezing is also a good option for homemade teriyaki sauce.

How Long Can Teriyaki Sauce Last?

Good quality teriyaki sauce can last for years if it has been stored properly. The best date on the bottle usually does not matter with an unopened bottle of teriyaki sauce. You can use it for more than a year after its best date and still get premium quality and taste from it. An opened bottle of teriyaki sauce can stay fresh for more than one year if it is constantly refrigerated. When kept on the shelf, it can last for 3-6 months before losing its flavor or freshness. That is why it is advised that you keep it on the shelf only when you are a frequent user of this sauce. Homemade teriyaki sauce doesn’t last for very long. It will remain fresh for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator, and up to 5 weeks if kept in the freezer.
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How Can You Tell if Teriyaki Sauce Has Gone Bad?

When you store your teriyaki sauce properly and use it within the right timelines it will hardly go bad. If you have had your teriyaki sauce for a while and you are scared that it might have gone bad, here are some signs you should check for before you toss it in the bin. Originally, teriyaki sauce has a rich dark brownish color. If the color is different from what you are used to, it is probably bad and should be thrown away. Another way of telling that your sauce has gone bad is by smelling it. if the smell is off or different from how it was originally then your sauce has gone bad. Bad teriyaki sauce might also have mold in it. You already know that moldy food should be thrown away. If you are still not sure that the sauce is bad, you can take a little on your finger and taste it. if it doesn’t taste right, then it is bad and you can throw it away.

Is It Okay to Use Expired Teriyaki Sauce?

As mentioned before, if your sauce is stored properly, the expiry date does not matter much. Teriyaki sauce is made to last for years because of the amount of salt in it. You can eat expired teriyaki sauce without getting sick.
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Why Did My Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Go Bad?

Homemade teriyaki sauce is made with a lot of perishable and fresh ingredients like garlic. So they have a shorter shelf life than the ones in the store. If you want to enjoy it for longer you can freeze it and thaw it whenever you need it.

Can I Still Use My Teriyaki Sauce That Has Gone Bad?

If you notice a change in smell, taste, and color in your sauce, unfortunately, there is nothing else that can be done with it. this means that the sauce has gone bad and should be thrown away to prevent any form of sickness after ingestion.]]>

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