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How Long Does String Cheese Last? Can it go bad?

Does String Cheese Go Bad? The expiry date on string cheese does not mean that it is time to throw it away. Unlike other products with a best-before date, its expiry date is usually written as sell-by or use-by, and then the date is given. You can still hold onto it for some days after expiry, depending on how well you store it. Cheese is sweet when it is fresh, so, for quality, you should eat it within seven days. What if I am alone and cannot finish the remaining cheese strings in seven days? There is no need to worry.

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With your opened string cheese, look at its sell-by date and add three weeks to that. That is the period you can still use your string cheese past its expiry date. When you open a pack of string cheese, you can put it in the refrigerator for seven days. However, the seven days are to make sure your cheese does not start tasting weird. These days will also depend on how you store your cheese. Some cheese can go for more than seven days. Others, when stored wrongly, do not get to see the end of the seven days. The string in your lunchbox could still be okay, again, depending on how you stored it. This is because, during the manufacturing of string cheese, manufacturers add some preservatives to keep the cheese good for some time once it is opened, so, when your hunger strikes, go to your tin and feed on your string cheese.

How to Store my String Cheese

Most dairy products require you to store them in the refrigerator once you open them. Before putting it in for storage, make sure to seal its wrapper well. Sometimes the paper it comes in might tear. When faced with this, you have the option of transferring the string cheese to a freezer bag. Look for any air present and squeeze it out. This is because if the storage pack has air, air pockets will form around the cheese and cause it to dry.
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Also, it would be best if you considered storing string cheese near unscented foods. Please do not make the mistake of keeping it near your sausages or fruits like pineapples if you don’t want to eat your cheese tasting like an overripe pineapple. Just look for an extra space near your butter and squeeze it in there because string cheese tends to pick up odors. If you want to carry for lunch with another food, putting the two in separate containers would be the best option. This does not mean that it will go bad. Nonetheless, if you feel that you are carrying too many containers, carrying the food in one place does not do it any harm. Make sure to eat your lunch as soon as the time comes. Letting your string cheese sit for long hours degrades it, and it may not be as tasty as it would be when fresh. Also, the longer it stays, the longer it is likely to dry up.

Is it Okay to Freeze my String Cheese?

Most people run to the internet to get answers when faced with a dilemma, and you are also probably here to get the answer to this. Some think it is okay to freeze string cheese; some will tell you not to and give you reasons.
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If you do not mind your cheese crumbly, you can freeze it. I said this because your string cheese will become crumbly when you freeze it. If you mind a crumbly one, then don’t. Sometimes you might want to melt it for your dish. This will not be affected by freezing. If you plan to add a stick or two to your dinner, freezing might not be the best option for you. To decide whether to freeze or not, why don’t you throw some into the freezer and store the other one at room temperature? This will help you determine by yourself if you can freeze the rest or if freezing is not your thing. A good solution! Isn’t it? Another vital tip to note when freezing is to check the packaging before throwing it in the freezer. If it is still wrapped in its original wrapper, unopened, make a space for it in the freezer, and place it away from foods with odor. If you have already used some, meaning that the original paper is not intact, it is advisable to transfer it into a freezer bag. Do not forget to squeeze all the air out because it adds a layer of protection to it. But don’t you think that you will be coming back to pick some, and you might forget to leave the storage paper tightly closed? To avoid such instances that happen when you are in a hurry or too hungry, divide the string cheese into many freezer bags so that you pick enough for the day, and you don’t have to wrap papers again for storage.
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How Do I Know if my String Cheese is Expired?

Different foods have different signs of expiry, but some characters are familiar. Like any other food, your cheese will develop mold or other organic growths, the color starts to change, and the cheese starts to smell different. When it gets to this point, do yourself a favor and throw the cheese away. For how long has your opened cheese stayed in the fridge? If it is now three weeks since you opened your cheese and there are still some bits of it left, you are only calling for stomach discomforts by eating it. Also, if you bought your cheese, threw it directly to the freezer and forgot about it, and today is two months after the sell-by date, allow yourself to incur some losses by doing away with the spoiled cheese. Are you in doubt that your cheese is still okay? Let your taste buds decide for you. You know the taste of fresh cheese, so do not equate another weird taste on your cheese with a maybe. If a small bite burns your tongue or tickles your cheeks, it isn’t good. Do not risk eating spoiled cheese. You will get sick and waste the time we would be enjoying good cheese together, in bed, and with hospital bills to pay. And you better not forget about the cheese you stored in your refrigerator again. Money does not grow on trees!
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Can I Use Expired String Cheese?

Expired foods are harmful to our bodies, and they introduce bacteria to our system. This causes stomachaches and vomiting. String cheese is not an exception to these consequences. Instead of risking your cheese to expire before it serves its purpose, make sure you are ready to use it before opening the park. Also, seal the storage parks tightly and make sure to remove any air before storing it. After opening it, it is advisable to throw it directly into the freezer.

How Long Does Hard Cheese Last?

Compared to semi-hard cheese, hard cheese is likely to last longer. However, this depends on a lot of factors, including how it is stored. Other factors influence its shelf life, like the type of cheese, the packaging date, and the processing type. That is why it is always important to check the expiry date of any cheese before you buy it. If the expiry date is in two weeks and the internet claims that it can stay for more than six weeks in the refrigerator, refrigerating it will not make sense here.

How Long is String Cheese Good to Eat When Prepared in a Dish?

If I asked you how long does an egg last, what would be your answer? Again, it all depends on the dates on the pack and the storage. If you feel that the taste is weird or has an unusual smell, stay away from it. Failing to feed on cheese in one meal won’t make you sick when feeding on spoilt cheese will.
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