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One Response to Weight Gain Was A Clue! By Lou Astriab

  1. Cynthia July 17, 2014 at 1:05 am #

    We have the exact same stories except for I am not married and didn't get gastric bypass surgery-the VA will not pay for it. Even now the VA said they cannot do an accurate test. So they said if I want one, I have to get insurance to pay for it. Kinda hard since I have been medically unemployable since 2009 and am a 100% disabled vet. I am roughly 100 pounds right now overweight, which was a lot worse since before starting my GF diet in February 2014. I was on 14 different pills from the military and va doctors but, like you, I too took myself off of some and only take about 8 different kinds right now. he bumps on my hands have slowly started going away but, rash is still on my arms. I still get explosive diarrhea if I have even a little gluten or wheat, so I try to do my best not to. But being this much overweight and with all of these symptoms and many more all these years, at least I can help with eating only gluten free. I just hope that there is no permanent damage to my colon, stomach or intestines because I don't have insurance that will cover a surgery to find out. That and I ended up getting Stomach ulcers and numerous other symptoms from the military having me be on "certain" pills for years. What else could they have caused? Thankful to cites like this we can share our horror stories.

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