Valentine Martini

All it takes is a slice of beet to turn someone’s day around, and put a huge smile on their face.

A heart shaped cut-out slipped into a drink, slowly infuses your cocktail with a beautiful pink color. The pigment pools in the bottom of the glass until it’s swirled around.


To create this beautifully festive drink to celebrate Valentine’s Day – or any night of the year when you want to make someone feel special, all you need is a beet! You can use a pickled beet, a raw beet, or a cooked one (my preference). All will work, but will ‘bleed’ out at varying speeds. If you’re using pickled beets, be sure to rinse it well to remove the vinegar. If making a martini, the flavor of the pickled beets shouldn’t affect the taste of the drink.

Slice the beet 1/4″ thick then use a small heart shaped cookie cutter. If not needed right away, cover the beet slices in some plastic wrap and chill until you’re ready to assemble the drink. ValentineMartini2

For a red sugar-rimmed glass, you can use granulated sugar mixed with some red food coloring, or the red sprinkles that you would find in the cake decorating aisle of the grocery store. Turn the glass upside down in a shallow dish filled with a bit of water, then dip the glass in another plate filled with the colored sugar. ValentineMartini3

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Fill the glass with your favorite martini ingredients (or whatever you like-doesn’t have to be alcoholic), and drop one or two small beet hearts into the drink. The longer the beet sits, the more the color starts to be released until it pools into the bottom of the glass. Creating a two-toned drink, that’s as beautiful as it is delicious!

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