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I am a 78 year old man and was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease about two months ago.  I had experienced weight loss for approximately two years, had a lot of bloating and some bowel problems, going between constipation and diarrhea, and as well, a lack of energy.  At my age, I just assumed that much of my malaise was due to my age which was incorrect.

When I finally mentioned the lack of energy to my doctor and, as well, the weight loss, she made arrangements for a visit to a specialist but that took some time to be able to get in to see him and have the scope/biopsy done by which time the diarrhea was very prevalent.  The blood work and biopsy both confirmed Celiac and the process began.

Two days after starting a gluten free diet the symptoms were noticeably eased which was wonderful and certainly encouraging to continuing on with the diet, especially since the bread was not especially enticing.  We have found many helps along the way, the Canadian Celiac website and associations, your wonderful site and dieticians who are so good at providing information and helps.

Our local Super Store has just restarted their Gluten Free Suppers and Information events which we attended last evening and enjoyed a wonderful supper and received great instruction with more involved information to be dispensed at the suppers continue.  We were amazed that so many were in attendance.

My wife has found that, as long as we work with basic food items, it is not difficult to continue to eat mostly the same as we always did.  The major difference I find is that the bread products are so dry and crumbly.  My wife has tried, and continues to, different bread recipes attempting to find one which really works.  The latest one contains bean flour and that one is quite moist, very different to “real” bread, but not too bad.  As with any of the bread, homemade or purchased, toasting is pretty much required to make them palatable, at least to me.

We are mindful that even a small amount of gluten is damaging and are very careful of cross contamination; have purchased a separate toaster and bread board, use a personal butter dish and never work from the same location when using bread products.  We are pleased that there are pasta products available, stuffings and other such items that provide the ability to keep that diversity of diet that I previously enjoyed.

One of my six daughters was diagnosed with Celiac about two years ago and two of her three daughters have also been diagnosed, thankfully because the testing was done because of their mother diagnosis and not because things had progressed to the point that they were disabled as she had been.  This month another of my daughters had her doctor do the blood work and the indications are that she also has the disease.  She had recently noticed a reduction of her energy levels; she is awaiting the visit to the specialist to have the scope/biopsy done.

I am looking forward to a speedy return to my regular life style as we love to hike and that has been quite curtailed over the past two years.  We appreciate the service you provide and all the excellent information and advise that is now available to Celiac.


Tunney Betts

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    Tunney Betts’s Story

    I had same thing the gluten free bread was rather dry,

    Well in my store in Canada. Independent grocery store they have brought in a bread you will love.. I can even eat it with out toasting it. Oh to die for that expression. If you toast it. Don’t put it on too high or it will burn. I use margarine. I see this article so I thought perhaps this person would love it. I am a Member on here. Let me know if you like it. I know they cannot keep it fast enough in the store freezers. I buy three loafs now at a time. . It is the freezer department of Free gluten. It looks like an Italian bread taste. It has not done me not any harm. I eat with a egg in morning. Also sometimes in afternoon with goats cheese. Good luck.

    UDIS Glutten Free
    White sadwich bread Loaf
    It is from Dever C.D not sure if this is a code or a phone number to inquire

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