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“Being Told You’re Gluten Intolerant
Is The Best News You’ve Had In Years!”

Here’s Why…

For years now you’ve been baffled and couldn’t figure out why you’ve suffered with terrible digestive problems, continual feelings of sickness and incredible pain.

You’ve even come to fear one of the basic pleasures in life… Enjoying Food!

Your diagnosis has finally shed light on all those years of suffering and now it’s time to move forward and say goodbye to that old lifestyle of feeling sick and confused.

Your life is about to change in a way you’d given up was even possible.  You’re about to embark on a Gluten Free Life!

But wait, there is tons to know on this journey and it would take you years of trial and error and research to find what you need to know on your own.

Everything you need to get healthy and stay healthy is all bundled up for you in my book titled:

“Gluten Free Diagnosis
And The Journey Forward”

Here’s just some of the life changing information all packed into one book that’s waiting for you to discover:

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  • Smoothly transition through the first 30 days
  • How to make it through the roller coaster ride of emotions: loneliness,Gluten Free Diagnosis anger, depression & loss of control
  • Myths and truths about Gluten Intolerance and where to find the answers to your questions.
  • Find out the right questions to ask your Doctor
  • Tips on finding a Doctor that knows how to help you.
  • How to enjoy eating at parties and social functions
  • Carefree Gluten Free Traveling
  • How to eat gluten free at almost any restaurant
  • Emergency remedies for accidental gluten intake
  • How to avoid being tempted to eat the wrong foods
  • Ways to empower your children to live gluten free


This e-book takes you from the moment of your diagnosis and leads you step by step through the most difficult days ahead of you.

You will smoothly transition to this new lifestyle because I let you in on what lies ahead and that can be half the battle.

It can take an average of 8 years just for someone to get a diagnosis.  If you’ve waited way to long to get a diagnosis then please don’t waste another 8 years trying to figure out how to live gluten free.

Save yourself years of research time…I have done it for you.

Normally, this e-book is only available to certain members of the Gluten Free Club.  But my gift to you is to reduce the cost to a mere $9.77 (USD)

That’s 64% off the regular price of $27.00.  This special price is available for a very limited time, but keep reading because that’s not all.

You will also receive, absolutely FREE, at no extra cost to you…

“The Gluten Free Answer Book”
(Value: $29.95)

I’ve been asked all of the gluten free questions you can think of… and answered them too!  I’ve been running this website for over 4 years now and I’GFAnswerBookProductShotSm1ve answered email after email and written article after article.

And now, in my “Gluten Free Answer Book” all of these questions are answered in an enjoyable, relaxed fashion.

In it I delve into more than 101 questions every Celiac and Gluten Intolerant Person has.

Questions like:

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  • Are measurements different for gluten free ingredients?
  • Are there ways to improve the texture of gluten free baking?
  • What is xanthan gum?
  • How do I transition to a gluten free kitchen?
  • How long does it take to heal from gluten damage?
  • Where can I get all the gluten free ingredients that I need without spending a fortune?
  • How can I help my teenager with gluten intolerance?
  • What happens if I cheat?
  • How do I deal with depression?
  • What are the common gluten free myths I should know about?
  • What about travelling safely?
  • How do I prepare for eating at a restaurant?


And many more (there IS over 100)… BUT,

It’s NOT just a list of
Questions and Answers

It’s well organized and easy to read. It’s not technical, but written in plain English.

Each section leads you through, drawing you forward. Every answer pulls you into the next question.

It’s also jam-packed with hints, tips and ideas that I haven’t been able to add into other writing because they just didn’t seem to fit.

But I’m not done yet… 1 more limited time bonus:

30 days FREE membership in the Gluten Free Club
(Value: $17.95)

What is the club?  Well, the fastest way to explain it is that it’s our online community of gluten intolerant friends sharing Membership Cardrecipes, information and advice.  Some members have been around for years… since before we started up this newer version of the site in Oct 2007.But, that hardly does it justice… so, what I’ve decided to do is to include a free 30 day membership for you with this purchase.  You are NOT obligated to continue.  If you don’t want it, that’s totally fine, just send me an email and I or Susan will remove you.  If you do like it, do nothing and your credit card will be automatically billed.
That’s a total of $74.90 value for only $9.77 if you order today.

YesYES! Angie, I want to get your eBook “Gluten Free Diagnosis” for the discounted price of only $9.77

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  • I understand I’ll also get a FREE copy of “The Gluten Free Answer Book”
  • I understand I will be able to be reading it immediately because it’s a download and there are NO shipping costs
  • I understand I will get a FREE 30 day trial membership to the Gluten Free Club and that I can cancel at any time (normally $17.95/month)
  • Also, I understand that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee – if I don’t like it I can get a full refund


$74.90 Only $9.77 (USD)Add To Cart - Gluten Free Diagnosis Sale



P.S.  My guarantee is solid… have a look:


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