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One Year Ago I Released My Now Sought After eBook…

Hundreds Now Cook & Bake Gluten Free
Quickly & Easily Because Of My Book:

“Gluten Free Cooking Secrets”

I will let you in on a little secret right now…gluten free cooking doesn’t have to involve radical changes.  It can be as simple as substituting just the right ingredient into your oldGluten free Coooking Secrets favorite recipes.

The secret is knowing what to substitute.

Gluten free cooking doesn’t have to taste like sawdust!  Put a few of my tips and tricks into practice and your family will be fighting over the leftovers!

I include over 30 of my time tested favorite recipes that will soon be your favorites too.

I will walk you through your kitchen step by step making this transition to a gluten free kitchen virtually painless!

I have also included some of my strategic shopping secrets I use when at:

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  • The Grocery Store
  • The Health Food Store
  • The Online sites for Gluten Free Products


Not only do I reveal my secrets on cooking but I have added some bonus chapters on:

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  • What you need to know about vitamins, nutrients, and minerals
  • Meal Planning Tips
  • Safe and Unsafe Grains
  • Maintaining a Gluten Free Healthy Heart
  • Will I gain or lose weight?
  • Gluten Free Do’s and Don’ts
  • Potential Autoimmune Problems
  • Substitutions for the Lactose Intolerant


All my secrets are out and they’re yours for a mere $4.75 (USD).  Please understand that this is a one time only price. The regular price for this e-book is $19.97.

The pizza man wouldn’t deliver pizza for that price and once you read this book you’ll be jumping at the chance to make your own pizza with the recipe I’ve included in this book!

If this recent economic recession has put a tighter hold on your wallet, resulting in eating out less, then this book is just what you need to cook up some delicious home cooked meals.

AND, for this limited sale, you will also receive 2 extra FREE bonuses:

BONUS #1: Top 25 Gluten Free Beer Report

It’s strange, but gluten free beer is difficult to find – and Top 25 Gluten Free Beersso we’ve created a special 18 page downloadable report for you.

It not only tells you what the top 25 beers are, but also evaluates them for taste, tells you how to get them, and what exactly their gluten content is (because gluten free sometimes has a little bit in it).

Now that’s a sizzling hot summer sale…2 great e-books all for under 5 bucks!  That leaves more money in your pocket.  But keep reading…

BONUS #2: A Free Month’s Membership to the Gluten Free Club

Look, many people have joined the Gluten Free Club just for the member’s information.  I’m going to GIVE you a FREE 30 days to check it out.  I’m so sure that you’ll find that it’s invaluable to you that you’ll want to continue being a member, but even if you don’t there’s no pressure – just shoot me an email and let me know.

Here’s what the membership provides:

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  • 607+ Recipes – Sometimes you need a change from the blah! These recipes spice up your life and give you something for your mouth to water over again.
  • Articles – Learn more about gluten free than you thought there was to know… Keep up your learning as new articles come out every week.
  • Forums – Got a question? Ask it here. Get involved, help someone else out (it feels great, believe me). There’s a community of people that you can get to know.
  • Gluten Free Restaurant Lists – Everyone asks… “isn’t there a list of restaurants that have gluten free menus?” Yes, there is, and it’s inside the club.
  • Audio Interviews – Listen “live” as our interviewees discuss gluten free living, and battle with the real questions that we’ve asked them
  • Video – learn more, faster with our video tutorials
  • Frequently Asked Questions – There’s always those questions that rise to the top – here are the answers, quick and dirty. Browsing through here may also remind you of something you forgot to ask!
  • Member Stories (Inspirational to say the least). Tell your story here. We’d love to hear it. It’s amazing how much you learn from others this way. Sometimes it reminds you of something you’d forgotten about too!


But, Just Like Summer, This Sale Will Be Over Before
You Know It So Don’t Miss Out On Your Only Chance…

YesYES! Angie, I want to get your new eBook “Gluten Free Cooking Secrets” for the massively discounted price of only $4.75

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  • I understand I’ll also get a FREE copy of the Top 25 Gluten Free Beers Report (great for summer)
  • I understand I will be able to be reading it immediately because it’s a download and there are NO shipping costs
  • I understand I will get a FREE 30 day trial membership to the Gluten Free Club and that I can cancel at any time
  • Also, I understand that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee – if I don’t like it I can get a full refund


$19.97 Only $4.75 (USD)

Add To Cart - Gluten Free Cooking Secrets

Angie Halten.

P.S. You’re fully covered by my guarantee:


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