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“96% OFF Sale”


Because Our Facebook Launch
Was So Successful…

Wow, within a week we had over 3400 peoplegfc-fb join our facebook group!  To me, that’s just amazing.

There’s been incredible posts – passionate stories and tasty looking recipes.  All in the space of a few days.

We also gave away 3 lifetime memberships to the club – and so now it’s your turn.

Because of so many newcomers, I wanted to give you a deal you wouldn’t be able to refuse.  So, I thought I’d turn to one of our extra special products that we rarely promote.  In fact, the last time I released this to the public was a year ago.

Announcing An Entire Year Of…

The Gluten Free Club


That’s right!  Every Month You’ll Discover
The Gluten Free Club’s:

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  • Top Recipes,
  • Most Interesting Articles, and
  • Practical Everyday Tips that will allow you to master the gluten free life.


Here’s why I created the Newsletter…

Hundreds of you have written in, thanking me for the life changing information at the Gluten Free Club.  So many of your letters echo encouraging sentiments like this one:

[box type=”note” icon=”none”]”Dear Angie,  You still do the best job of making my cooking life easier and making me feel less like an outsider than anyone out there doing a blog on Celiac receipes and info.  Keep it up. Your awesome.”
–  Angela Wilcox[/box]

I thank you deeply for your inspirational and encouraging notes, but I have to admit, knawing deep inside me is a desire to creatively compress all this power packed information that you need and get it to you in a shorter amount of time.

For the past year this deep desire caused me to bend over backwards and scour through every piece of information, tossing out the outdated and digging out the gems, the pure gold, you know… the real stuff that transforms people’s lives.

All these treasures of information I then creatively knitted together achieving what I think will knock your socks off!

Here’s A Taste Of What’s Inside Each Issue:

Month #1:

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  • How to eat at a restaurant and not get sick – tips every gluten intolerant person needs to be armed with before going out to eat.
  • Gluten Free Myths– EXPOSED! The truth about vinegar and which is safe to eat
  • What Gluten Free Lingo you need to know.  Like Guar Gum (what’s if for and why you might not want to use it.)
  • What every gluten free “Chocoaholic” lover wants to know.  Is chocolate my stomach’s friend or foe?


Month #2

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  • My Favorite Dessert Recipe: “Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes”.  These will literally explode like a volcano before your very eyes, oozing warm chocolate onto your plate. Warning: serve these and your guests may not leave!
  • Is Gluten Intolerance Hereditary?  Practical steps you can take in order to lower the odds of triggering the disease in your children.
  • How to bake a cake in a coffee cup! This recipe is so amazingly simple it will get the kids off the couch, into the kitchen and ignite their culinary desires that before you know it they will be cooking you dinner!
  • What to do if you accidentally eat gluten. Two things you should take with you where ever you go for those “just in case” emergencies.
  • How to make “Doorstop Bread” a thing of the past.
  • Discover how to transform your baking, gravies and breads with this amazing flour.


Month #3:

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  • The clear answer to, “Will Coffee Make Me Sick?”  Find out the various ways gluten can invade your precious cup of coffee.
  • Online shopping sites that give you the upper hand in saving time and keeping more money in your pocket.
  • How to grocery shop and never read a label! My grocery store shopping secrets are so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of them yourself.


Month #4:

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  • Beware of gluten hiding at your dentist office. Your dentist may not even know where it lurks. Don’t open your mouth for any dentist until you read this.
  • The in’s and out’s of how to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor.
  • Simple checklists you need to prepare that will give your doctor insight into “cracking the mysterious code” of your symptoms and getting a diagnosis.
  • The Scoop on Quinoa Flour – a gem to be discovered!  Find out why this protein packed grain, used for centuries by the Inca civilization is now being hailed as the Supergrain of the future.
  • Gluten Free – the first 30 days. Don’t underestimate this critical transition. Don’t make the same mistakes I did!  Let me give you the inside scoop on what not to do.


Month #5:

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  • It’s true!… a cake with no flour.  No kitchen is complete without this Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe.  This is the recipe you will win over your mother-in-law with (now that’s what I call a miracle!)
  • Reducing the symptoms of Autism with the Gluten Free diet. Surprising evidence is on the rise that in some cases the symptoms of Autism are being reversed by this simple diet change.
  • Discover which gluten free flour wins the prize for the highest percentage of dietary fiber than any other flour.  Find out why its high fiber content can help you lose weight.
  • Places you need to be on the lookout for gluten…like in lipstick… mouthwash… and vitamins to name just a few.  Let me show you places that you would have never guessed gluten would hide.


Month #6:

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  • The government can give you money back just by eating gluten free. How to write off gluten free foods as a tax deduction. This tax tip could potentially save you hundreds of dollars!
  • A little seed that packs a nutritional punch.  This gluten free flour will knock wheat flour right out of the ring with it’s fist full of iron.
  • Baking bread from scratch like grandma used to (but without a whole lot of effort). Tips and tricks to bread making that your grandmother wished she’d known about years ago.


Month #7:

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  • Your kitchen is at risk! How to shield your kitchen from the gluten invasion and keep that insidious little gluten beast out for good!
  • Clearing up some Condiment Confusion.  Hundreds of condiments line the grocery store shelves but which ones are safe to eat? Here’s where we clear up that confusion.
  • Meal planning that saves you money! You may groan at the thought of meal planning but taking action will have you laughing all the way to the bank!


Month #8:

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  • Monica’s miracle – How her life long symptoms ended in 3 days! A true story from one of our very own Gluten Free Club members you won’t be able to put down.
  • A miracle ingredient in fish that will speed the healing process of damage done by eating gluten.  Yes, believe it or not those smelly little creatures of the sea have within them the ability to restore years of damage.
  • Here’s the rub… yes, your Mother was right when she told you breakfast was the most important part of the day.  Wait! before you pull out the breakfast restraining order on me, don’t miss what I have to tell you about these Breakfast Kickstarts


Month #9:

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  • Magically transform your old (gluten filled) favorite recipe into a new gluten free favorite with my secret flour substitution tricks.
  • Medications and vitamins are supposed to keep you from getting sick but they could be the very thing making you sick.  The culprit is not the active ingredient but what holds it together. Get out your pill bottles and I’ll show you what to look for.


Month #10:

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  • Why you might be Vitamin B deficient. When you stop eating gluten, you also stop eating the vitamins wheat’s full of.  I’ll show you how to get back that missing Vitamin B.
  • There’s a battle going on in your kitchen… it’s called the cross contamination battle.  Your mission is to seek out and destroy enemy # 1… “Gluten”.  Here you’ll find the stategic tactics used to combat and achieve victory.


Month #11:

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  • Have you ever experienced the Itchy Gluten Intolerant Skin Rash?  If not, thank goodness. But just in case you do, I share with you the subtle signs of how it can creep up on you.
  • Do I have to give up alcohol?  You’ll be happy to know that if you enjoy the occasional social drink you don’t need to become a teatotaller.  Find out what alcoholic drinks are safe and which ones to avoid.
  • The ABC’s of a Gluten Free School.  How to keep your child safeguarded from the onslaught of gluten that surrounds them at school.


Month #12:

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  • A GFC Member’s shocking story of how a 150lb weight gain was the clue doctors needed.
  • Alarming statistics that reveal Celiac Disease is on the rise. It takes an average of 8 to 11 years for a US celiac to be properly diagnosed (oh horrors!).  This and many other eye popping statistics that reveal the hidden truth.


Now, that’s just a drop in the bucket of the vast ocean of articles, recipes and practical tips you will recieve each month.  So I bet you’re wondering what is this all going to cost?

If I were to mail this out to you it would cost you $19.95/month but with this recent economic downturn I have decided to create an email version that is 96% off the physically shipped price.

Presenting…The Email Newsletter Version! (For Cheap)

If you can live with receiving an electronic monthly version of my newsletter then I am willing to almost give this hidden fortune of information away to you at this insanely low price of US $9.97 for an entire 12 Months!

You read it right… An entire 12 months of issues for less than 10 bucks!

You get the best of our best articles, recipes and tips on living gluten free delivered straight to your computer, instead of your mailbox.

I may not break even at this low price of US$9.97 but sometimes you just have to take a chance, so I can’t guarantee this low price for long.

This Is What You Get:

Just to be sure we’re clear here – you’ll be getting 12 issues of the Gluten Free Club Newsletter, downloaded to your computer, each month for the next 12 months… all for only $9.97 – a one time payment.

Also, you’ll receive a FREE 30 day trial membership in the club.  Now, this is normally US$29.95 for the first 30 days, so it’s a Membership Cardgreat deal.  The monthly membership is US$17.95, but if you don’t like what you see in the first 30 days, just click on the cancellation link in your My Account page and you’ll be canceled immediately and you’ll never pay a cent more.  Or, if you like, simply send me an email telling me you want to cancel and I’ll click the link for you. 🙂  This won’t affect the Monthly eNewsletter though – you’ll still get it for the full 12 months!

I actually think that you’ll enjoy the club so much you won’t want to quit – it’s that good.  And I’m willing to let you see it for free for the next 30 days so that you’ll see just what I’m talking about.

YesYES! Angie, I want to get 12 Gluten Free Club eNewsletter issues for only $9.97 USD.

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • I understand that the newsletters will be delivered every month for the next 12 months
  • I understand I won’t wait for the postal service because they’re downloads and there are NO shipping costs
  • I understand I will get a FREE 30 day trial membership to the Gluten Free Club and that I can cancel at any time (normally $17.95/month)
  • Also, I understand that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee – if I don’t like anything I can get a full refund


$239.40 Only $9.97 (USD)

Add To Cart - Facebook Sale


Angie Halten
Founder of the Gluten Free Club

P.S. And you’ll get a FREE 30 days inside the club (I personally think this is way too much – it should probably only be 7 days or something, but I have to do the 30 days, since that’s the way my shopping cart program is set up).  Again, my loss is your gain.  Enjoy!


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