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You Don’t Have To Go Gluten Free Alone …

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After working with hundreds of gluten intolerant and gluten sensitive people we’ve discovered that most people in your shoes share a range of emotions that no one should have to feel about their food choices, sensitivities, or allergies.

And we don’t just have extensive experience working with all kinds of different people who avoid gluten for different reasons under different scenarios … we’ve actually surveyed them. There is a strong emotional charge associated with having to go to such great lengths to get the right fuel.

In fact, there’s such a strong emotional response to the way things are in our society, at restaurants and grocery stores, and even among our friends and family that we knew this topic would hit a chord with many of you.

Today we’re going to help you do something about all the negativity. You’re finally going to get the direction and support you need to stop feeling so lonely and frustrated.

Our survey told us that you’re feeling a lot like this …


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  • Because it takes you HOURS to get through what used to be a half hour grocery store trip. All of that label reading takes a lot of time.
  • Because so much of the gluten free food you try is either boring or downright gross. This is actually one of the most difficult things to endure about going gluten free. Eating is one of life’s most pure and simple pleasures. But with gluten off limits, the ingredients can get funky and in a lot of cases recipes just turn out disappointing.



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  • Non – gluten free people just don’t get it (what a big deal it is, how important it is, how difficult it can be, etc.). They may treat you like you’re being “high maintenance” or difficult. And it’s not just restaurant employees that do this, friends and family can be surprisingly insensitive to your predicament.



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  • If you’re new to being gluten free then you’re probably not adjusted to all of this yet. It takes a while to get used to. Making a big change like this is stressful. Every meal takes a little more time and again, shopping definitely takes longer. But cravings also play a part in your stress. Just because you’re sensitive to, allergic to, or choosing to stay away from gluten does not mean that you’ll stop craving the foods that contain it. Throw in an unhealthy dose of embarrassment at having to ask so many questions every time you eat in public and you’ve got a recipe for an unmanageable amount of stress.


But you don’t have to go at this alone anymore!

And you’re about to find out that once you have a community to support you and help you get beyond the limitations and obstacles you currently face with your diet, the limitations get a lot smaller and eventually will feel like they’ve disappeared!

The good news for you is that we’ve spent years curating and testing recipes and content to help you live a freer life while you avoid gluten.

But up until today our exclusive Gluten Free Club solved all the food related issues you might face except for the big one …

It’s a lonely world out there for those who are living gluten free. And before today you’d just have to suffer in silence or commiserate with the handful of folks that you know who suffer through the same challenges. But that loneliness is over!

Starting RIGHT NOW, when you join the Gluten Free Club you’ll get immediate access to the first and only online community specifically for people like you who are living gluten free.

This is a private group, only for Gluten Free Club Members. So you won’t have to worry about your grumpy aunt who thinks eating gluten free is a fad showing up to the party.

Finally, you’ll have 24/7 access to a community of people who understand what you’re going through!

What’s really interesting is that though everyone in the club needs to or wants to eat gluten free, our Members come from all walks of life. They are young, old, men, women, middle-aged, healthy, and health challenged. And they are so much more than that … they’re scared sometimes, brave sometimes, annoyed, frustrated, and even liberated sometimes. They are on this roller coaster ride with you!

Many of our Members have been with us for years and are a wealth of wisdom and are naturally willing and open resource for you to tap into for solutions to your pressing problems about social settings, family gatherings, workplace meetings and travel.

They’re experts at managing the pressure and the stress that comes along with having to do things differently (and at having those things take a lot longer than it takes everyone else!).

But we also have Members who have just recently made this big lifestyle and dietary change. If you’re going through that right now too, it’ll be such a relief and a welcome outlet for you to join them as you all share your daily tests and triumphs.

You know that isolating feeling you get when all eyes are on you at a meeting or dinner gathering when the waiter asks for your order?

Or that feeling during the holidays when you’ve rushed and rushed to get yourself (and perhaps your family too) ready for a get together and you’re simply starving with a rumbling stomach, but all you see to snack on is crackers and crackers and more crackers?

What about first dates? Or third dates for that matter? Sometimes the simple explanation you give of your dietary needs isn’t enough to ward off the uncomfortable silence that occurs on the third date after you’ve had to pepper the waiter with more questions than he’s ever been asked.

It’s embarrassing, right? It’s isolating. People just don’t understand that you’re not trying to be high maintenance. You’re just trying to take care of your body.

Well, you’re about to find the people that DO understand! And not only do they understand, but they have strategies for dealing with all of this … first dates, family holidays, long days at the office, work meetings, 3 hour grocery store trips and then some.

Join Today And Get Access To The Gluten Free Club Facebook Group
When you join us you’ll also get what all Gluten Free Club Members enjoy, 24/7 access to over 1,000 recipes and all the information you could possibly need to navigate your gluten free world.

When you have access to choice (LOTS of choices) then your whole world opens up. Imagine having hundreds of outfits to choose from every time you got dressed. HUNDREDS. Wouldn’t that be freeing?

Now translate that freedom to food. Imagine having 24/7 access to almost 1,000 recipes. That’s what the Gluten Free Club will do for you.

As a Premium Member you’ll get Full Access to all of the Gluten Free Club content, all of the time. You’ll also receive:

4 Bonuses For Upgrading to Premium Membership Today

“A Beginner’s Guide To Living Gluten Free”

Beginners GuideHave you just learned you’re gluten intolerant? No problem… This guide covers it all:
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  • Critical factors in making adjustments that the Doctor didn’t tell you
  • What’s going on with me?
  • Dealing with gluten reactions (and learning how best to prevent them)
  • Discover what’s in your pantry that’s making you sick (and how to restock it once and for all)
  • Why finding a new Doctor is so important
  • The most frequently asked “Beginner’s” questions

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“Gluten Free Shopping The Easy Way”

GF Shopping Book SMDiscover how to read labels, how to save money, how to shop efficiently, how to find gluten free ingredients, and even how to buy exotic gluten free foods. This is a helpful book that covers:
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    • Where to find gluten free ingredients that don’t cost “an arm and a leg
    • The simple, quick and safe trick to shopping in a hurry
    • Cruising the grocery store: what you need to know before you get there
    • Why your neighborhood grocer can know more than the big stores


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“Gluten Free Cooking Secrets”

GF Cooking Secrets Box Shot SmallTaking it one step at a time makes the transition to gluten Free cooking smoother and virtually painless.

The book explains how to make your kitchen gluten free, including the pantry, and how to fill the pantry with gluten free ingredients.


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This just feels like the most appropriate gift giveaway for one lucky new Gluten Free Club Member. This is collectively our big issue … how to make really delicious gluten free bread. Well if there’s one machine that can help you get there, it’s this one!

This is the best part…You can get access to EVERYTHING you read above, for just $7 to start (normal signup fee is $37.00) and just $17.95 per month after that. That’s an incredible bargain for the overwhelming value you get as a Gluten Free Club Member.

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YES! Angie, I want to get instant access to hundreds of recipes, articles, e-books, and tutorials so that I can improve my gluten free life right away.

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Question? email us at [email protected]


See you in the club,


P.S. Remember, we’re not suggesting that the Gluten Free Club Premium Membership is the only way to put the JOY back into one life’s simplest pleasures. Its only for those people who are really ready to dive in, get on board, and give themselves the ultimate gift of the freedom of choice!

There’s no ongoing commitment or contract. Don’t like it? Cancel. We think you’ll want to stick with it!

P.P.S. This special pricing (just $7 to start and $17.95/mth after that), the free bread maker giveaway, and bonus offers all expire midnight June 30, 2014. This is exactly the right time to join us! Join NOW.


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