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On April 1 The Gluten Free Club Will Be…


To All New Memberships

Our members are top priority here at the Gluten Free Club.  And keeping them happy is more important than gaining new members. So, as of April 1, 2010, we are closing our doors to new memberships and focusing exclusively on the existing members.  We’re updating the site and so we will not be able to take on new members.  We don’t know when the site will re-open. I’m sorry, but so as not to disappoint our new-comers, I’d like to sweeten the membership until the site closes on Thursday.

Here’s What You Normally Get When You Join The Club:

  1.  607+ Recipes – Sometimes you need a change from the blah!  These recipes spice up your life and give you something for your mouth to water over again.
  2.  Articles – Learn more about gluten free than you thought there was to know… Keep up your learning as new articles come out every week.
  3. Forums – Got a question?  Ask it here.  Get involved, help someone else out (it feels great, believe me).  There’s a community of people that you can get to know.
  4. Books (if you’re among the first 200 people).  These books would are alone worth the price of the club!
  5. Gluten Free Restaurant Lists – Everyone asks… “isn’t there a list of restaurants that have gluten free menus?”  Yes, there is, and it’s inside the club.
  6. Audio Interviews – Listen “live” as our interviewees discuss gluten free living, and battle with the real questions that we’ve asked them
  7.   Video – learn more, faster with our video tutorials
  8. Frequently Asked Questions – There’s always those questions that rise to the top – here are the answers, quick and dirty.  Browsing through here may also remind you of something you forgot to ask!
  9. Member Stories (Inspirational to say the least).  Tell your story here.  We’d love to hear it.  It’s amazing how much you learn from others this way.  Sometimes it reminds you of something you’d forgotten about too!

Here Is What You’ll Also Get If You Join Before We Close On Thursday April 1, 2010:

* 5 New Member Bonuses *

gfc01 A Beginner’s Guide To Living Gluten Free (e-book)Beginners Guide Cover2 Have you just learned you’re gluten intolerant?  No problem… This guide covers it all:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  •  How do I find out if I am gluten intolerant?
  • How to find a doctor who knows what they’re talking about?
  • Surviving gluten reactions (and learning how best to prevent them!)
  • Discover what’s in your pantry that’s making you sick (and how to restock it once and for all)
  • Taking control of the roller coaster of emotions that you will encounter
  • Substitution secrets every gluten intolerant person should know

[/unordered_list] Price: $37.77  FREE!

gfc02 Gluten Free Shopping (ebook)GF Shopping Book SM Discover how to read labels, how to save money, how to shop efficiently, how to find gluten free ingredients, and even how to buy exotic gluten free foods.  This is a helpful book that covers:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  •  Where to find gluten free ingredients that don’t cost “an arm and a leg” (you may be unknowingly giving away hundreds of dollars to your local grocery store!)
  • The simple, quick and safe tricks to shopping in a hurry
  • Cruising the grocery store:  what you need to know before you get there
  • Why your neighborhood grocer can know more than the big stores
  • How to menu plan, the easy way!

[/unordered_list] Price: $27.00  FREE!

gfc03 Gluten Free Cooking Secrets (e-book)GF Cooking Secrets Box Shot SmallThe book is in no hurry to rush to recipes. Instead, together we meander through the kitchen, the grocery store and finally to the stove. Taking it one step at a time makes the transition smoother and virtually painless.Gluten free cooking doesn’t have to taste like sawdust!  Put a few of my tips and tricks into practice and your family will be fighting over the leftovers!  Also included is:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • 30 time tested favorite recipes
  • Strategic shopping secrets I use at the grocery store, health food store and online shopping
  • Gluten free do’s and don’ts
  • Shedding light on weight gain and loss.

[/unordered_list] Price: $14.99 FREE!

gfc04 The Gluten Free Survival Guide To Survival Guide Boxshot SmallThe Holidays (e-book) You’ll be happy to have this one by your side… In it you’ll find:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • The secret to preparing a gluten free feast that almost everyone overlooks
  • Whether or not you should eat…Turkey!  Read the shocking confessions of how our feathered friend, the turkey, gets glutenized
  • How to survive (and thrive) at holiday get-togethers with family, friends or at work
  • Discover gluten free sleuthing tactics: Suspect foods you should never take your eyes off at a party and most importantly, why!
  • Strategies for avoiding eating, Eating, and more EATING!…Find out how to become an overcomer in the overwhelming “Battle of the holiday bulge”
  • What foods to be suspect of, and (most importantly), why

[/unordered_list] Price: 14.99  FREE!

gfc05 Top 25 Gluten Free Beers (e-book)25 Beers Boxshot It’s strange, but gluten free beer is difficult to find and so we’ve created a special 18 page downloadable report for you.It not only tells you what the top 25 beers are, but also evaluates them for taste, tells you how to get them, and what exactly their gluten content is (because gluten free sometimes has a little bit in it).Price: $14.99  FREE!

And, there’s one more thing…

I’m also going to waive the set up fees too!  So, instead of paying the $12 set up fee, you’re going to get it all today for only $17.95!

That’s A Total Of $109.74 Value For Only $17.95 If You Order Today

Don’t Forget The Doors Are…

closed On April 1, 2010 — So Act Now…


YES! Angie, I want to get in the club before it closes for the discounted price of only $17.95[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • I understand I’ll also get a 5 Free Bonuses for joining now
  • I understand I will be able to be reading them immediately because they are downloads and there are NO shipping costs
  • I understand I will get a FREE 30 day trial membership to the Gluten Free Club and that I can cancel at any time (normally $17.95/month)
  • Also, I understand that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee – if I don’t like it I can get a full refund

[/unordered_list] $109.74 Only $17.95 (USD)

Add To Cart - Closing Sale

Warmly, Angie P.S.  My guarantee is solid… have a look:


Order Now

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