Sometimes the Specialists Don’t Even Know. By Gale

This is my husband’s story. He had had diarrhea and heartburn so long that he thought it was normal. One day he went to give blood and they wouldn’t take it because he was anemic, severely anemic! He went to his doctor to find out the cause and she hadn’t a clue, but sent him to a specialist. HE didn’t even know what was wrong so gave him some iron pills and sent him home. Later in talking with is brother, he found out that his brother had just been diagnosed with Celiac after having seizures. When my husband took that to his doctor, he said it probably wasn’t Celiac, but he would be glad to do the biopsy to see. He has Celiac! The doctor didn’t know what to do from there, so I had to become an expert on it. Bette Hagman’s Gluten Free Gourmet cookbooks have been a lifesaver. Finding this website has been very helpful as well.

The one thing we starting doing that has helped tremendously is getting on Juice Plus Juice Plus is 17 fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule and it provides my husband with the nutrients he needs to heal his gut. So now when he does happen to accidentally eat gluten, his symptoms are milder and don’t last as long. And his overall health is much better.

He still mourns the loss of his wheat bread on occasion, but just the memory of the pain involved keeps him from going there!

As a result of becoming a Gluten-Free cook, I have started teaching GF cooking classes to others. I’ve recently been introduced to the world of the autistic child and learned that they also do better on a GF diet. Gluten Free is not the end of the world, but opens up a whole new adventure!

Thank you for your website and your dedication to the Gluten Free world!


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