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Site Tour ImageWelcome!  We’d like to show you a few things here to help you get the most out of the website.

First of all, the site is meant to be used while you’re logged in.  So if you haven’t signed up yet click here.  If you’re not logged in, log in now.

Now you’ll get the most out of the site.

Key suggestions for getting the most out of the site:

  1. When in doubt, Search!  Use the search box in the upper left corner of the site (also at the bottom right of the page).  You can search for recipes by ingredient, name, even method!  Just throw something in there and see what comes up.  You can search by problems, questions, or simply ideas… throw them in there!
  2. My Account.  You’ll access everything to do with your account from the My Account page.  You can find:
    • How to change your password
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  3. Comment!  You can comment (when logged in) on all of the posts – recipes, articles, news, etc.
    • Your comments are valuable.  If you change an ingredient, or modify a recipe, please comment on the recipe and let us know what you’ve done.  Someone else might like to make the same change you did but is not sure if it will turn out.
    • We read all the comments!  So if you have questions about any post, add them there and then they’ll be answered in context.  Read the comment policy here. (please don’t put personal information, like passwords, in comments since everyone else reads those too)
    • The comments are really our forum, the place to discuss each recipe, article or news item.

Overall, have fun!  Join in!  And we’ll do our best to help each other out.

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  1. This is Carol, Wolfe’s wife as I have celiac disease, the DH part.
    You have made wonderful improvements, things we can find in a flash which is exactly what I need.
    Angie, I had to get rid of some newsletters as I was inundated and had no time for all of them.
    Thanks so much and thank you Wolfe for making me a member.
    Carol.P.S. Great things just in time for Christmas.

  2. Thanks for the new look and management of recipes. I was about ready to stop my subscription because I don’t have time to view the posts every day and my “save” pile is so big that it is overwhelming when I do get to check out the recipes. I’m looking forward to an new experience with your new website. Happy Holidays!!

  3. I love the new website. It’s easy to use and is great for a newbie to this way of cooking and eating. Thanks!!

  4. I am looking forward to learning more about my gluten free diet. New to the game so I need a lot of help. Thanks for helping.

  5. Help, Help, Help!! I am dealing with this issue of celiac disease, and I have a recurring infection in my small intestine. I need help planning my meals daily. I am the only family member with this issue out of 300 people. What do I do?? Super frustrated and depressed.

  6. Hello! I am a newbie! Just getting started and am very excited about my health improvements in just a week. Can’t wait to get farther in. This site should really help me on my way to being healthy and gluten free. Thanks so much!

  7. hi! Angie i am new to your site. i accidentally found it when i was looking up some Info about an herbal combination i started taking that was swelling me up.[in the herbal comb was RHIZOME or hops] i didn’t know i had a problem with gluten until i read the book eating 4 your blood type!! about 8years ago !!! my hands & ankles where swelling up & when i took gluten out of my diet the problem has subsided but it is hard 2 be gluten free because their a lot of hidden gluten in everything ??? I am retired & live in a developing country doing volunteer work & it can be hard 2 find what i need 2 eat so i am living off of rice, cabbage,carrots, sweet potatoes,fish & chicken!!! & when i come here i hav n my suitcase about 25pounts of rice sticks to change up my diet.sooo i will be checking your site 2 see if their is any new recipes i can come up with??? thanks again 4 all your hard work 2 help us

  8. Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear that. Of course we cannot diagnose a condition over the internet, so you should definitely see your family doctor about that. But beyond that, please continue to read all the emails we send… many of the recipes will be useful for you.

  9. I really enjoyed the tour, and exploring the site on my own. Tonight my son and I tried out the pomegranate, hazelnut, chocolate candies….. wonderful!
    Thank you so much. I’m not great navigating websites generally, but your new site is easy for me.

  10. I really like your G-F site, & have saved & printed out many of the recipes. I am attempting to convert more & more to G-F recipes, even though I am not gluten-intolerant. I have quite a few friends who are, & for that reason whenever I am at a social gathering, I like to provide something that everyone can safely eat. Thank you for posting your G-F flour conversion chart.

  11. Fortunately I am not a celiac, but do have friends who are, so want to be able to cook so they can enjoy the same meal as the rest of us. Have talked to a number of people who have gone gluten free and are now much healthier. Also, when we visit with a couple in a different province for a week or so, even though we’re not as active as when at home, we find that we don’t gain weight. She said that she thought her diet would really be restricted when she was first diagnosed, but has found that with some changes the diet is actually healthier. Am learning what to look for on the ‘ingredient’ list. Thank you for this site so I can learn more of what I can do for my friends besides using rice cakes to make open face sandwiches when the rest of us have regular bread. I have also become very aware of how much gluten is in foods where we least suspect it. Thankfully more gluten free products are available in grocery stores and I really enjoy finding new things to share with my friends that they haven’t yet found. My most interesting finds have been in small stores – they don’t have too many items, but what they have is very different to the large stores.

  12. Hi, everyone. Im not exactly new to the gf diet, i have done it once before and was very successful with getting rid of my wheat sensitivities. I am back on it again, witht the same problems as before. Im hoping that through this website i might get some insight and maybe a little encouragment to make this diet permanent instead of temporary. I just learned about this website, and it sounds intriguing, I am looking forward to seeing alll it has to offer. Thanks (:

  13. I am dealing with this issue of Celia disease, and I have a recurring infection in my small intestine. I need help planning my meals daily.

    I also have to deal with Diverticulitis as well when infected .
    I went over your recipes here.

    You have gravy which I cannot have period. Not even the free Gluten. I cannot have veggies or fruit with seeds.
    Because then I get the diverticula infected . In the pockets of the bowel. Pain city.

    So I eat well going on a month. With Gluten food. Nothing fancy.

    Do you have a calorie calculator on here for us.

    Not seeing it. Other sites have it. Like Dr Oz.

    Not really seeing allot of food with having both problems. Allot of rich food for a family and sweets, sweets. I thought I would see more for people for one or two .

    With me they go hand in hand the two disease’s. That is what I had to deal with before christmas and now in Emerge.

    So any suggestions? Can you better you recipes without buying all those books you have for sale. Or pay for upgrade. Most health stores. I have been too not that well educated if you ask about something they pull out a thousand page manual.


  14. Just found out i’m Gluten intolerable. So I need help, So far this site has been great thanks

  15. I just joined I found out last month that I m G Int. I worry about the sugar and oil any kind of my honey just went throu pancrititis so we have keep an eye fats salts. I’m hoping this sight will help us do that. I just bought ur valentines package.

    Cathy Ann

  16. Glad to have you on board Cathy! Be sure look for out the “Free From”, “Healthy Options”, and “Specialty Diets” sections beside the recipes when you’re logged in. That’ll help you sort and view recipes from every angle.

  17. Hello! I’m new to the gluten free lifestyle and am so happy to be a member of this site. These recipes and articles are going to make the transition much easier!

  18. Hi Angie, It took me a few days to get back on my computer, had a problem , but everything is ok now. Missed all the up to dates but will catch up. Nice Having you there.

  19. Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with cilliac ( if that’s even spelled right ). I don’t know were to start. My 13 year old grandson lives with us as well, this makes it harder to find things to eat. Basically all I have been able to eliminate is white bread, with store bought bread which isn’t that good. I have seen some bread recipes here but I don’t know what the ingredients are/or were to get them.

    Where do I start ?

  20. Hi:

    I have been avoiding gluten for some time now and I feel much better for it. I really love some of the recipes that are post on this site, but I have one concern. It’s the “sugar”. If we could all get off the sugar habit and start using less or none it would be great. But, like so many out there I have a sweet tooth and I find some foods are not palatable without something sweet added, so, I have discovered two substitutes, Stevia and Xyla. Now these products are still fairly expensive, especially the Stevia, but, you use so little of it, it goes a very long way. Stevia is made from a plant, I really like that. It has an acquired taste. The Xyla is a bit expensive, but still affordable. It’s made from hardwood sap and is so much better for you than sugar. It doesn’t promote tooth decay either and is low on the glycemic index. All things in moderation however, it’s still a sweetener so I learned to use less. One has to take matters into their own hands to remain healthy now days, it can really save a lot of illness and financial hardship in the future.

  21. Really great thoughts Jo. I totally appreciate where you’re coming from. I’ve also been reducing the amount of sugar in my life. Part of the reason we have so many recipes with sugar is that removing gluten is the highest priority for many of the people coming to our website. And giving up so many things already is difficult. But you’re right, the next step for health is likely removing sugars and refined carbs as well.

  22. New to celiac and new to this site. Glad to have a place to go where we share the same issues. Looking forward to learning more. Have a sister who has celiac for 10 years but she interested in learning new info.

  23. I am new in this new life eating process. I am sick with discouragement and a big loss of confidence. Everything I make doesn’t work. Am I expecting too much? I love to make food from scratch and I am use to being successful but celiac has thrown me curve ball. I have surfed and read all I can. I intend to be successful with your help. Thanks for being here for us.

  24. You’re welcome! Be patient with yourself, as you probably do a lot of things without thinking… now you need to re-think and re-learn. But you’ll get there for sure!

  25. I like this site as I am trying to diet it helps a lot
    has I do like my deserts and some foods that I really like but not that healthy
    for me ,
    your site helps in helping me to eat better
    thank for all you help

  26. Hi Angie. Thanks for the email. I did get my account figured out and thank you so much. This site fun and very informative. Way back when I was first diagnosed the nurse told me before the test “Don’t worry, that delicate stuff is so rare that you won’t have that”. There was hardly any information available at the time. So I am thrilled that you and others have taken the time to get this information out there. It is much appreciated by all of us in the GF community.


  27. Hi Angie,

    Found your site several years ago and have passed it on to many friends with gluten or other food allergies since then. They seemed quite glad to have such a good resource to help them out.
    I have no food sensitivities that I know of but have family and friends over for parties and meals quite often. Thanks for making it so much easier to prepare foods they can enjoy without worrying about after-effects.
    Looking forward to exploring your new format.
    Keep up the good work!


  28. Angie, thanks for all you do. I know it’s got to be a lot of work keeping up with everything. I’ve been GF for 2 and half years and I am gluten sensitive or intolerant. My mom was Celiac as well as other family members. I also have Crohns and a few other things. Crohns is so much better and I have more energy since going off and staying off of gluten.


  29. Glad you found us! If you like you can sign up to receive our delicious recipes and articles via email – you should see it on the right side of the page. Transitioning to a gluten free lifestyle may seem challenging at first, but once you know what to look for while shopping, it will become easier and easier. So hang in there!

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