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Self Diagnosed, But Had To Go Back On Gluten For The Biopsy. By Barbara


I have been a member since you first got going and love it. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time or enough energy to do as much on the site as I would like. Many of the stories I have read have elements of me in them.

I believe I was misdiagnosed as a young child as I suffered constant abdominal pain, nausea , vomiting and diarrhea and anemia. I had a ruptured appendix at age 4 (which is very young) and think it was probably something to do with CD as none of my 5 siblings have had their appendix out. I also suffered 6 miscarriages and now know that this can also be a result of undiagnosed CD.

About 20yrs ago I was diagnosed with IBS which just got worse by the day – I had to know where EVERY toilet was whenever we went anywhere, but in the end found socializing and work VERY hard to cope with. My life was becoming miserable as I was gaining weight despite watching what I ate and I had developed Polymyalgia Rheumatica and needed to go onto steroids to control it.

I read an article on CD and as I read it I thought “that is my story they have written” so I decided to go GF that day- within a week my diarrhea had settled. When I contacted the Celiac Society in Australia a few weeks later I was told that to join I had to go back onto wheat/gluten for 9 weeks before I could have a biopsy but the thought of that was too much so I elect to go GF and certainly know if ever I make a mistake as the consequences are immediate and dire.

Both Celiac Disease and Polymyalgia are Auto Immune diseases, as is diabetes which is why it is more common to have more then one of them. My polymyalgia is still severe, causing pain and disability. I had a Total Knee Repacement last year and this year a relatively minor injury ( caused by yanking a mattress) caused me to TOTALLY sever my Rotator Cuff off my shoulder, surgery was not successful as the polymyalgia had so badly affected the tendons.

My anemia is much improved, I feel better in myself in many ways but still get very frustrated with my weight and my pain. I can go out a lot more freely now as the bowel symptoms are much improved, but find that it hard to eat out safely so tend to take my own things to ‘stay safe’.

Thanks for the opportunity to write down my story, best wishes to you and all those in the GF Club.

From “Down Under”

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