Sandy’s Story

After suffering with the big D and fatigue for many years I went to a gastroenterologist and had many tests.  None of them were for celiac disease.  The diagnosis was IBS.   I was getting more and more debilitated and decided to investigate a little farther what really was the matter with me.  I was talking to a neighbor and just happened to mention how I was feeling.  She suggested I go to see her doctor, who is a chiropractor, and this chiropractor told me she thought I was suffering with celiac disease after hearing my symptoms.  She had me take tests and they showed I did have celiac disease and should be off gluten.

I have now been off gluten for 5 years and do not have the big D any longer.  So I am able to lead a normal life again.  If I do come in contact with gluten and because I have been off it for many years I do get very sick.  Sometimes you just don’t know when you eat out what you are getting and that seems to be one of my big problems as to how they handle foods.

I am one of the contact people for our celiac support group here in San Diego, California.

If anyone wants to contact me I am at:
E-mail:  [email protected]  or


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