Thank you all so much for the info… Angie you have been fabulous, I love your website, it has saved my life.
Bless you!

I think all your articles and recipes have been helpful and appreciated to all those who read and try the recipes. Keep up the good work.

I have a mother and other family members that are gluten free….there is a possibility that I too am. I have used the recipes that I recieve online and have been able to let my mom feel like she doesn’t have to miss out because of this. I have seen that you can convert most recipes so that they are gluten free and still taste great. Just case in point….I bake breads and treats during Christmas. I have tried converting some of the recipes so that they are gluten free….with success. And now I have half my freezer full of various gluten free flours so that I can continue to cook for everyone doing what I love.

You can buy all the books that you want and need about gluten free living,shopping, cooking,etc., only until you have a real person that you can communicate with and go their web site for practically almost anything regarding gluten free living then, you really have a peace of the mind. This site has given me confidence, recipes, and a new way of being gluten free.

Thanks Angie Love the site love the recipes…. look forward to the new site . I always feel better when I use the recipes and make it for my family and they can not tell the difference Blessings

I have extreme allergies to anything with gluten and your recipes are a god send. Thank you for all your hard work keeping us informed, and updated. I would like to know more about the alternatives available for everyone in the same boat as we are. thanks again and keep up the wonderful work. your friend,

Since I’ve been using your receipes to cook my girlfriends meals, she’s actually started to put on weight and is looking healthy again. We both want to thank-you for your receipes. They’ve helped us in more than one way.

I love my food but gluten free can drop your choices a bit … But with this it is opens up new ideas on food and different styles … Awesome …

I had found a recepie that my Grandmother had passed down in the family to my Mother and then to me. I loved to eat this cake but I couldn’t any more because it had flour in the recepie. I found out that you could exchange flour with other things. I did it and it still taste just like my Grandmother had made it. Thanks to the website I can convert other recepies too and still enjoy the old recepies. Thanks

Angie, you have done an excellent job. This has been so helpful helping me understand gluten free. The recipes are wonderful. I have learned to substitute a lot of ingredients and do not have the fear to try new things. My husband is the one who is gluten free and before I married him I did research and learned on my own. So after struggling the last 8 years, this site has helped me tremendously. Plus it helps that they are continuously coming up with new products such as pasta. Keep up the good work, we really need it.


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