Valentine’s Day Bonuses

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Valentines Day Bonuses

We wish every GFC member a happy and romantic Valentine’s Day.  And, may it be that way not just on February 14th, but the whole year through.

If you have a special someone in your life, I’d like you to have the best relationship you can have.  So, in that spirit, I present you with these 3 bonuses:

Molten Lava Chocolate Cakes Molten Lava Cakes

Guaranteed to be a Valentine’s Day hit!  When you cut into these, the chocolate oozes out – fantastic!

This download is a 4 page complete, step-by-step recipe (with photos) so that you can’t fail your first time making it.

NOTE:  The main thing you need to pull this recipe off, that you may not have in the house right now is a set of crème brûlée dishes – also known as ramekins.  Just make sure you pick some up at your local kitchen store before you start making this recipe.
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Romantic Ideas For Couples

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  • Romantic Ideas For CouplesSimple, inexpensive ways to show your love and put romance in your life every day
  • Wonderful ways to make the special occasions more special and romantic
  • Creative techniques to show your partner you care without using the old ‘me too’ methods your father and mother used when they were ‘courting’!
  • How to romance your partner without breaking the bank!
  • Surprise your partner without spending a fortune and make them brag about how thoughtful you are
  • Stop fumbling around looking for ways to romance your partner, and failing
  • Avoid impersonal or trite romantic events
  • Find sexy new ways to sweep your partner off their feet
  • How much you really know about your partner’s preferences
  • How romantic you are today and how to improve your love life tomorrow!
  • How to get time and help from your support network so you can take that romantic weekend away
  • …and MUCH MORE!

[button link=”[i4w_s3link object=’downloads/romanticideas.pdf’]” style=”download” window=”yes” color=”silver”]Romantic Ideas For Couples (.pdf)[/button]

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Improving Your Marriage

Improve Your Marraige

What if you learned the secrets to a great relationship?

In a time where everything is convenient and available almost at the touch of a button, the effort of romance seems as if it takes a good deal of effort.

It is very possible to take some old-fashioned romantic ideas and make them work in a modern world while maintaining the genuine intention behind each thought and act.

Romance today can be filled with unique ideas, creativity and passion.

Romance is simply the way you express your love for another person. It is vital to keeping love fresh, exciting and alive.

Without romance, love can become tiresome and even worse.

I show you how to keep the romance alive in your marriage!

“Improving Your Marriage,” is a comprehensive special report that covers the following topics:
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  • Understanding the Beautiful Simplicity of Love
  • Appreciating the Romantic Within
  • Battling Romance Myths
  • Getting Back to the Basics of Love and Romance
  • Struggle of the Sexes
  • Various Qualities and Differences among the Sexes
  • Similarities among the Sexes
  • Opposites Attract
  • Getting a Perfect Score for Your Relationship
  • Relationship Evaluation
  • Thinking VS Acting
  • Relationship Rationalizations
  • The Rules of Romance
  • Romance Mistakes
  • Ideas for the Desperate
  • Is Bigger Really Better?
  • Have a Love Affair with Your Spouse
  • Risqué Romance
  • Mood Makers

[button link=”[i4w_s3link object=’downloads/ImproveYourMarriage.pdf’]” style=”download” window=”yes” color=”silver”]Improving Your Marriage (.pdf)[/button]>

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