Dear Friend,

DropHave you ever seen or been a part of a complete gluten free community where you can share your thoughts and experiences? I sure wasn't able to find one online anywhere! So, I decided to take the plunge and actually build this "dream" website I was so desperately looking for.

Now, I don't know about you, but there are several things I wish I knew when it came to a gluten free diet.

The biggest question I had was, how to make gluten free bread that tastes like real bread (it's not as easy as you think if you've never tried it before). But, I also had tons of other questions that I just couldn't find an honest answer to.

I'll tell you more about these in a minute.

So, rather than sitting around getting frustrated with the lack of information I was finding...

I spent 4 months to BUILD the ultimate
gluten free resource (you're on it now)

And, now it's even better! Yes, I took what I learned and what I found out from the people who joined the club (there have been over 2,438 people join since the club first began in 2005).

I've spent thousands of dollars and
another 3 months to UPGRADE the club

It's become something of an obsession with me, I guess. Originally, this website was built so I had a place to store my recipes that I could share with friends and family easily online. I decided to make it public and let you have access to what is now known as the "Gluten Free Club".

Since you are one of my good "online friends", I'd love it if you became a member yourself and shared your stories and experiences with us.

Now, before I started researching and absorbing every bit of gluten free information I could get my hands on, I thought I knew a lot about gluten free diets. Boy was I wrong

In fact, I learned at least TWO awesome ways to save big bucks on gluten free foods. (I'll be sharing those with you as well so you can enjoy this information)

I've talked with tons of experts, read virtually every website there is, bought a bookshelf full of books and personally tried hundreds of recipes so I was able to put this website together.

Here are just a few of the questions I set
out to find the answers to. Would you like
to learn about any of these?

(if so, you will want to join the gluten free club
immediately to get the answers)
  • How can I make gluten bread that actually rises when I bake it?
  • Are there any common gluten free "grocery list" items that I can be sure are gluten free? Foods made specifically for gluten free diets seem to be so overpriced.
  • Are there any good bread slicing machines available to slice gluten free breads? Slicing it by hand always seems to make the bread crumble.
  • Why are there so many different kinds of gluten free flour mixtures? Is there really a difference in them all?
  • How can I convert existing recipes that contain gluten into gluten free recipes? This is a biggie and I was surprised to see how easy it is to do.
  • I am not in the United States, what are some of the ingredients I find in many of the American based recipes? I haven't heard of some of these brand names.
  • Is there a substitute for Xanthan Gum? This stuff is so expensive!
  • What are some of the best gluten free food choices when eating out?
  • How do you order at a restaurant so you can be sure your meal comes out with no gluten?
  • What are some good restaurants that have a gluten free menu and where are they located?
  • Which everyday products are safe to use (toothpastes, lipsticks, lip balm, etc)?
  • How can I save money on gluten free foods? This diet is very expensive!
  • If you are on a very specialized diet in addition to the gluten free diet (vegetarian, no dairy, sugar free, low fat, etc), is finding recipes hopeless?
  • Is there a list of brand names of products that are gluten free?
  • Are there any gluten free kids recipes or cookbooks available kids to enjoy making?
  • Am I allowed to eat oatmeal if I have a gluten intolerance?
  • Do you have any recipes for smaller batches of food? I live alone and do not need family sized recipes.
  • How can I make bread that isn't so heavy feeling?
  • I've heard of people losing weight with Celiac, but for some reason I am GAINING weight because of it. Why is this?
  • Do you have any holiday recipes such as Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving stuffing, etc?
  • Can you make good gluten free bread WITHOUT using a bread maker?
  • Which bread maker makes the best gluten free breads?
  • What are the best gluten free mixes to use?
  • What are some gluten free foods I can give to my small child/toddler?
  • What is the purpose of xantham gum?
  • Can you list the "hidden" ingredients I need to look out for?
  • I'm not a very good cook. Do you have any simple recipes even I would be able to make?
  • Do you have any gluten free vegetarian recipes?
  • Are there any alcohols that I am able to drink (beer, wine, etc)?
  • Which medications are out there that don't contain gluten?
  • Can people "grow out of" Celiac disease?
  • How do I keep my gluten free breads from falling apart?

I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who feels the gluten free club is the best website ever put together on the topic, so I allowed a couple of people inside check out the website before I decided to make it public.

Here is what they said (I'll just copy their emails below):


Once I got these two emails back from my "testers", I knew it was official. The Gluten Free Club is THE RESOURCE on the web for gluten free diets!

Four interesting FACTS
about Gluten Free Diets...

Did you know that ...

1. Gluten Free Diets are more and more common today than ever.

It is believed that as many as 1 out of every 150 people are on (or should be on) a gluten free diet. The point is, you are definitely NOT alone. Gluten free diets are showing up more and more in the media, which is always a good thing. This will hopefully make things easier for everyone who is required to be on a gluten free diet.

2. The gluten free food business is big bucks!

Sales of food allergy and intolerance products jumped 17 percent in 2004 and are projected to reach $3.9 billion by 2008, according to Packaged Facts, a division of MarketResearch.com. Luckily, I found ways to help you save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on gluten free foods (you'll learn how inside the club).

3. Gluten free diets are getting "mainstream".

Restaurants are finally starting to realize how many people there are on a gluten free diet. Many are starting to come out with gluten free menus to meet this demand, and those without menus are usually willing to work with you on preparing a suitable meal. I found 50+ restaurants with gluten free menus and you will learn more about those inside the Gluten Free Club.

4. Gluten free diets are NOT just for people with Celiac disease.

There are many reasons why people eat gluten free, but a few more common reasons are, celiac disease, autism, religious beliefs, and personal preference. I was surprised to see how many people are on a gluten free diet by choice because it "make them feel so much better ". Also, many people have multiple allergies in addition to gluten, which can make eating that much more difficult!

As you can see, there are hundreds of thousands
of people JUST LIKE YOU!

I think the key to overcoming "gluten free depression" as I call it is to talk with others who share the same challenges as you. This was one of the main reasons for starting up the gluten free club in the first place.

There is a strong need for a place (private and secure like the gluten free club) to communicate with other people who have celiac disease or are on a gluten free diet.

Let's face it, living this lifestyle can be VERY challenging, especially when nobody else you know understands how you feel or has any idea how difficult it can be.

Sure, they may understand the fact that you can't eat the same bread or the same pasta that they can, but they don't know how it can sometimes make you feel like an "oddball" or outcast. Especially in social situations!

How do you feel when you are invited to a party or get together where there is going to be food served? You know the awkward feeling you get when you have to ask the host of the party specific questions about the food ingredients.

It can be embarrassing to bring your own gluten free food to parties, but you also don't want to make the host uncomfortable either.

Within the gluten free club, there is a private message forum where you can talk with each other. You can share your experiences, exchange recipes you have tried, ask for advice...you name it!

It doesn't matter if you live in the US, Canada, UK or Australia, the
gluten free club can help you live a better life...

You will be making lifelong friends from around the world when you become a member yourself. How awesome will it be when you are chatting with people from Australia, all 50 US states, the United Kingdom and others countries?

Everyone shares the same common bond, even though we can be thousands of miles apart.

Now that is something to look forward to each day, and something that your "non gluten free" friends and family members will be jealous of. Where else can you chat and make friends with people on the other side of the world?

Our Club Members rave about the instant access to all 607+ gluten
free recipes (with more being added weekly) they get inside the
Gluten Free Club.

For those of you who don't know me, you should know that I am very modest and humble. I have a hard time accepting compliments, but I have been getting an overwhelming number of comments from my email list subscribers, and I just wanted to share some with you.

I think it's nice for you to know that many others are making the same exciting decision to join the club as you are. (Currently we have over 1700 members!)

You're going to get A LOT more than just gluten free recipes when
you join the gluten free club.

Aside from the recipes, you are going to become part of the exclusive community where you can share stories, inspire others and just feel better because you will be interacting with people who know what you are going through.

Another thing my husband and I are working on is recording video demonstrations on ways we go about saving money on gluten free foods and cookbooks, etc. There are a couple sites we use all the time, but just telling you about them is not enough.

You really need someone to SHOW you how to find these deals and how to go about ordering them. That's where these videos come in. We have a few inside the club now, but will be adding more and more over time.

Finally are the audio interviews. This is where either my husband or I get on the phone with a gluten free expert or someone that has had a gluten free allergy for a long time, and sort of "pick their brains" a little.

We do our best to squeeze out every bit of knowledge we can from these experts. We record these phone calls and upload them to the website so you can listen to them whenever you want.

Again, we will be adding more of these as time goes on. Also, club members will have the opportunity to have us ask specific questions to these experts, so you can get YOUR questions answered as well.

I have received tons of emails from people saying the audio interviews and the video demonstrations alone are what makes them want to join the club. Can't say that I blame them, because you can't find these things anywhere else on the internet.

The forum, recipes, articles, tips and restaurant listings are just the "icing on the cake" for a lot of our members.

The Number Of Spots Are Limited...

Based on the number of emails and comments I am getting, I have a feeling we may get overwhelmed with people wanting to join the club. While I would love to allow everyone to join who wants to, I also want to make sure those who do join have a great experience and get the attention they deserve.

For this reason, I reserve the right to stop accepting new members at any time. (If you are reading this page, then the club is still open to you)

If you want to join, you need to do it today. If you put it off until tomorrow, you may come back and find I already closed the signup page for new members.

The only way to guarantee your spot in the club is to join us right now.

"OK, I'm convinced! I want to join the
gluten free club, how do I sign up
to become a member?"

You've seen how much stuff is inside the gluten free club. You've seen how dedicated and committed we are to making this the best resource on the Internet. And you've just seen a ton of testimonials from people just like you who have made the choice to join the "club".

By now, you're probably wondering how you can signup to the club and also, how much are the club dues to become a member?

This is the best part...You can get access to EVERYTHING you read above, for under $17.95 per month! It costs only $17.95 (USD) per month to be a club member, and only $29.95 for the initial sign up fee.

What? Yes, that's right. Start for only $29.95 you can access everything in the club... and only a monthly fee of $17.95. You get all this:

  1.  607+ Recipes - Sometimes you need a change from the blah! These recipes spice up your life and give you something for your mouth to water over again.
  2. Articles - Learn more about gluten free than you thought there was to know... Keep up your learning as new articles come out every week.
  3. Forums - Got a question? Ask it here. Get involved, help someone else out (it feels great, believe me). There's a community of people that you can get to know.
  4. Books (if you're among the first 200 people). These books would are alone worth the price of the club!
  5. Gluten Free Restaurant Lists - Everyone asks... "isn't there a list of restaurants that have gluten free menus?" Yes, there is, and it's inside the club.
  6. Audio Interviews - Listen "live" as our interviewees discuss gluten free living, and battle with the real questions that we've asked them
  7. Video - learn more, faster with our video tutorials
  8.  Frequently Asked Questions - There's always those questions that rise to the top - here are the answers, quick and dirty. Browsing through here may also remind you of something you forgot to ask!
  9. Member Stories (Inspirational to say the least). Tell your story here. We'd love to hear it. It's amazing how much you learn from others this way. Sometimes it reminds you of something you'd forgotten about too!

I'm so convinced that you'll be absolutely thrilled with what you have in the club that I'm willing to take on all of the risk myself:


 So, if you genuinely want to discover more about gluten free living, learn new recipes, and join an amazing group of people the click the join button right here:

Premium Membership

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Angie Halten

P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose, if you join today and decide it is not for you then you are protected by my 100% no-nitpicking money back guarantee.

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