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Making the Connection: Finding Support for the Gluten Free Life

This book, “Making the Connection, Finding Support for the Gluten Free Life” is for those of you still searching for answers and to be completely honest with you, in all my years living gluten free, I’m still searching for answers!Making the Connection: Finding Support for the Gluten Free Life Cover

As I look back on all the years of gathering gluten free information the one area where I have gained the most ground is by listening to others share their gluten free journey.

An absolutely wonderful thing happens when we take the time to connect with others…We obtain in a relatively short time what perhaps took them a lifetime to attain. You have the opportunity to learn in few short moments of time what it took them years to learn.

It’s like they’ve already invented the wheel, so to speak, and you can use that wheel to build on and move further and faster ahead than ever before. It would be foolish to reinvent the wheel, not to mention a huge waste of time! That’s what it can be like if you go about this road alone.

Making the Connection (.pdf) Making the Connection (.zip)

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