Making the Connection, Finding Support for the Gluten Free Life

Frustrated with the lack of support?

“Who Else Wants Support For
The Gluten Free Life?”

Have you got this Gluten Free Lifestyle all figured out?

Do you have the answers to all your questions and gluten free living is a breeze?


Awesome! I love to hear from people like you that are well on your way to living an abundant gluten free life. Then please read no further because this is not for you.

This book, “Making the Connection, Finding Support for the Gluten Free Life” is for those of you still searching for answers and to be completely honest with you, in all my years living gluten free, I’m still searching for answers!Making the Connection: Finding Support for the Gluten Free Life Cover

As I look back on all the years of gathering gluten free information the one area where I have gained the most ground is by listening to others share their gluten free journey.

An absolutely wonderful thing happens when we take the time to connect with others…We obtain in a relatively short time what perhaps took them a lifetime to attain. You have the opportunity to learn in few short moments of time what it took them years to learn.

It’s like they’ve already invented the wheel, so to speak, and you can use that wheel to build on and move further and faster ahead than ever before. It would be foolish to reinvent the wheel, not to mention a huge waste of time! That’s what it can be like if you go about this road alone.

Another colossal reason for finding support is…you avoid making Mistakes. Who wants to make mistakes? I know I don’t, especially when it makes me literally sick to my stomach! We are bound to make a few mistakes but we can avoid a great many by gleaning from the advice and help of others who have travelled the road before us.

So what is the support you need and how do you find it? That is exactly what this book gives you the answer to. You will discover the various forms of support from your local community support groups to online forums to National and International Organizations.

This book will help you to determine what support would best fit your lifestyle, would benefit you the most and how to find it.

For those of you with little time on your hands, you’re going to love what I am about to tell you. This book is a short read, that’s right it won’t take you long at all to absorb t he 24 pages of jam packed “Grandfather Knowledge” that will give you what it took me a lifetime to attain.

But that’s not all…

If I were being completely honest, the gluten free life is not just about finding support, it’s an entire lifestyle change.

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