Gluten Free Survival Guide To The Holidays

“Who Else Wants To Eat More
Than The ‘Survivors’ On TV
Had This Thanksgiving?”

In 2001 the TV show “Survivor” was on location in Australia. Contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck was surprised to discover that her health mysteriously improved and she never felt better in her whole life while remarkably, on a mere starvation diet.Survivor

This was the clue that led her to discover she had Celiac Disease.

Do you ever feel like Elisabeth Hasselbeck?  Where your diet consists of  mere starvation rations in order to avoid feeling sick?  Then have I got some great news for you!

… You can enjoy feasting again! Especially at those holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving.

Those absolutely divine tastes of savory baked roast turkey, melt in your mouth mashed potatoes, (with gravy of course!) and your grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie can all be yours to enjoy!

Introducing the…

Gluten Free Survival Guide To The Holidays
(Expanded Recipe Edition)

Gluten Free Survival Guide

Here’s What’s Inside:

Need To Know Survival Tactics:

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  • You will discover the secret to preparing a gluten free feast that almost everyone overlooks.
  • How to not only survive but “Thrive” in the midst of the gluten infested holiday that awaits your arrival at the next social function.
  • Staying in the know! Why keeping current on research can make or break your holiday festivities.
  • I not only break it all down for you but show you a no sweat, 3 step plan that even a child could master. Put these 3 principles into action and it’s smooth sailing through the holidays.
  • Discover Gluten Free Sleuthing Tactics: Suspect foods that you should never take your eyes off of at a party and most importantly, why!
  • Whether or not you should eat… turkey! Read the shocking confessions of how our feathered friend, the turkey gets glutenized.
  • Wait! Don’t pour that holiday toddy until you’ve read which alcoholic drinks get a green light. Discover the reason behind why wines get the green light go ahead.
  • Leave salt and pepper in a cloud of dust and climb to newheights as you discover how to power up your dishes to explode with new taste sensations.
  • Don’t be fooled when buying herbs. Those innocent slender bunches of green could make you sick. What to watch out for when buying herbs — this one still aggravates me!


My Secret Holiday Tips and Tricks:

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  • Substitution tips and tricks that will not just match the taste of your old recipes but show you how to unleash your creative talents that will blow your old recipes right out of the water.
  • An often overlooked and remarkable approach you can have for the holidays that believe it or not it has nothing to do with food!
  • The secret to eating out at restaurants and never having to worry about gluten. Be aware of the one type of restaurant that is always best to avoid.
  • How to avoid becoming the infamous “food nazi” – what everyone else prays you’ll learn 🙂
    Strategies for avoiding eating, Eating, and more EATING!… Find out how to be an overcomer in the overwhelming “Battle with the holiday bulge”.
  • What do public smoking and gluten intolerance have in common? Get the inside edge on how to “Educate” instead of “Intimidate”.
  • Never leave home without your “Emergency Stash of Safe Foods”. Why you need an emergency stash …What they are… and what items you will thank yourself for packing.


How To Be The Gluten Free “Hostess With The Mostess” 🙂

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  • Hosting a Gluten Free Shindig!  Astonish your guests with gluten free foods that will make their jaws drop… for more! Warning… these recipes could potentially cause some to convert to gluten free living!
  • Rocking the holiday tradition boat!  Caution: This non-traditional Holiday menu may totally change your holiday feasting as you presently know it.
  • 30 of my personally selected holiday recipe favorites that will leave your guests reeling with delight from the shock of what their taste buds are telling them.
  • An entire days spread of fabulous recipes from sunup breakfasts to sundown late night snack recipes just waiting to come alive in your kitchen.


The holidays are just around the corner. There is no time like the present to get started. Time to pack up all those gut wrenching painful holiday experiences and chuck them back into the past where they belong.

Don’t let a simple thing like food control your holiday celebrations!Let me show you how to take control of it with my all new expanded edition of the “Survival Guide To The Holidays”.

WAS $14.99 USD, Now FREE (Instant Download)

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