Gluten Free Diagnosis

Here’s just some of the life changing information all packed into one book that’s waiting for you to discover:

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  • Smoothly transition through the first 30 days
  • How to make it through the roller coaster ride of emotions: loneliness, anger, depression & loss of controlGluten Free Diagnosis Cover
  • Myths and truths about Gluten Intolerance and where to find the answers to your questions.
  • Find out the right questions to ask your Doctor
  • Tips on finding a Doctor that knows how to help you.
  • How to enjoy eating at parties and social functions
  • Carefree Gluten Free Travelling
  • How to eat gluten free at almost any restaurant
  • Emergency remedies for accidental gluten intake
  • How to avoid being tempted to eat the wrong foods
  • Ways to empower your children to live gluten free


This e-book takes you from the moment of your diagnosis and leads you step by step through the most difficult days ahead of you.

You will smoothly transition to this new lifestyle because I let you in on what lies ahead and that can be half the battle.

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NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.


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