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The Gluten Free Answer Book Cover

The Gluten Free Answer Book

Download the Gluten Free Answer Book and Discover:

  • Are measurements different for gluten free ingredients?
  • Are there ways to improve the texture of gluten free baking?
  • What is xanthan gum?
  • How do I transition to a gluten free kitchen?
  • How long does it take to heal from gluten damage?
  • Where can I get all the gluten free ingredients that I need without spending a fortune?
  • How can I help my teenager with gluten intolerance?
  • What happens if I cheat?
  • How do I deal with depression?
  • What are the common gluten free myths I should know about?
  • What about traveling safely?
  • How do I prepare for eating at a restaurant?

The Gluten Free Answer Book (.pdf) The Gluten Free Answer Book (.zip)

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