Nurse From Health Care Insurance Provides Answers. By Brenda

The way I found out about the solution for my health problem was really interesting (I think). I had been miserable for years and seemed to be getting worse by the day.  I had been to a number of doctors, including 2 allergist, 3 dermatologist, gastroenterologist, internist, family doctor  to name a few).

One night the phone rang and I picked it up without looking at the caller ID.  I probably would not have picked it up if I had checked first.  It was the nurse from our health care insurance.  They called on a regular basis to see that I was doing everything I was suppose to be doing for my diabetes.  I use to think it was a great waste of my time to answer all their same questions every month.

I had had a particularly miserable day.  When she ask how I was doing, I answered “Do you really want to know.”  I started to tell her all my symptoms and how long I had had them.  At the end of my very long dissertation she laughed and said “Oh honey, you have Celiac Sprue.” She recognized my condition because she is a Celiac.

That night I began to educate my self on gluten allergies and was astounded.  I sounded like a text book case.  Everything I had experienced all my life was there in black and white. I changed my eating patterns that very night and have spent the last year finding out about all my triggers that cause my sever itching.

Thinking back on my family history, I am sure my grandmother and her sisters were all Celiacs.  They suffered their entire lives and were treated for everything you could think of.  But not Celiac Sprue.

Being a caterer, I am very interested in food.  I have developed some recipes that reflect my Louisiana heritage.  I have made gumbo and even chicken and dumplings.  My southern fried chicken and cornbread dressing taste like the real deal.

I must run.  It is time for T-ball with my grandsons.  We only have 2 weddings today but one may be a real problem.  We have a line of thunder storms that is coming thought today.  One wedding was supposed to be outside but may have to be moved inside.  With the room constraints is the old mansion we will have to plate for the 150 guest instead of having a buffet. Let’s hope it clears up before evening.

Thanks for your efforts in putting together the Gluten/Free Club.  I know I will use lots of info from it and will really enjoy the recipes.



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