Not Dieting, But 40 Pounds Lost in 1 Month. By Ashley

I am a 20 year old female. About two months after I graduated high school I lost 40lbs within one month. That didn’t really bother me cause what girl my age doesn’t want to lose weight but the thing is I wasn’t trying to lose weight.

Also at the same time I started having stomach pains on a daily basis pretty much. A few months later I realized that I was tired all the time and didn’t know why.I didn’t want to do anything but go to my college classes and sleep.

That is not normal for someone my age and that’s not how I had planned to be spending my time in college especially my first semester. So I went to the doctor and he tested me for Mono and of course i didn’t have it. Well, I kept coming back and he was still testing me for Mono and the flu now. I still had neither. So he had another doctor do a scope of my stomach and they found an ulcer to add on to it all.

Around January, my hands and feet were starting to go numb and tingle a lot and I was still having the stomach pains and being tired all the time. So again I went back to the doctor but he knew nothing. At the same time I was trying to gain weight but I never ever gained a pound back.

I started getting headaches but not too bad. I went to the beach with some friends and thats when my headaches got worse added on to everything else. Parts of my face were starting to go numb and tingle now. So when I got back I went back to the doctor and he said I was just having major migranes. Well they got so bad that one night I ended up in the emergency room crying my eyes out.

Things just seemed to be getting worse.

After the emergency room, my doctor wanted to test me for multiple sclerosis(MS). By this point I was freaking out and praying that I didn’t have MS. The tests of course came back negative and my doctor was baffled. One day I was at his office complaining of the usual stuff that was getting worse when we made me lay back and asked me if I had been feeling bloated and I said yes and he asked about my bowel movements and I told him it went back forth from never having to go to having to go all the time.

It was like it hit him out of no where. He did some blood work and put me on a gluten free diet right away. After being on the diet a couple of days I felt so much better. I also looked so much healthier and my family really noticed cause I had more energy and I was back to my old self.

I have officially known since July 2006. It is harder for me to live with this than others. I am in college and always on the go and its hard to find things that I can eat while I am not at home. At first I stuck strictly to the diet and even took food with me when I went out of town but then I started to miss the old food and I got to thinking well maybe a little won’t hurt me. I had been doing so good and feeling so great.

But I gave in and for a while it was like I was back at the beginning with all the pain. I would do good for a while and then cheat but I never felt as good as I had when the first month I was all gluten free. So shortly after the new year started I decided to have a strict diet.

Right now I am going on five weeks without any. It may not sound like a lot but it is for me. I have met so many people with the same disease and it makes me feel happy to know that I am not alone. The food is really expensive and yeah some of it doesn’t taste good but you always find the stuff that is good. My parents are always willing to help to make sure I stay away from gluten and remind me of how I would feel if I had any.

Also my boyfriend has been a big support. He will make me foods that I can have and he will use my gluten free products. He even sometimes will go and buy me something like gluten free cookies to show he cares. He also eats the stuff when he is around me and a lot of times he likes the food more than me and he will take me to places that he knows they have food I can eat.

I have talked to several people who think they have Celiac’s Disease also so that I can help them out because at first I thought I had no where to go or no one to talk to and I don’t want others to feel that way. My mom is the one who joined this site so that she can have recipes to make for me and learn a little more herself but I thought I would tell my story and I am grateful she joined this site.



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