“Favorites” Instructions:

Adding Favorites

  • While viewing a recipe or article that you would like to refer back to later, just click the “Add to favorites” link in the right-hand column of the recipe.
  • You’ll have to be viewing the entire recipe, and you’ll have to be logged in for this to work.

Removing Favorites

  • Single, from this list: When you’d like to clean up your list of favorites, you can come back here and click the (remove) link to the right of the favorite you want to delete.
  • Single, while viewing a recipe or article: Click the “Remove from favorites” link in the right-hand column.
  • All: Click the “Clear All Favorites (Permanently)” link at the bottom of the favorites list to delete them forever, and then you can start fresh!


If you have any problems or questions, we’d love to help – just fill out the support page form and explain what’s happening.


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