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1. After you click on the link above you need to verify your username & password.

Click to expand

2. Click on the [Edit] link in the Subscriptions area, beside your subscription.

Click [Edit] in the Subscriptions Area
Click to expand
3. In the Credit Cards area, near the bottom, click on your credit card to edit it.  Or, you can click the [Add] link to add a new card.

Click the Credit Card Link to Edit
Click to expand

4. Then, on the next screen enter the appropriate information. If only the expiry date has changed, you only need to enter the month and year.  Click Save when finished.

Enter Credit Card Info
Click to expand

5. Next, if your card was expired, click the “Update Recharge” button.

Click Update/Recharge
Click to expand

6. Then, click the “Logout” link in the top right corner of the screen.

You Must be Logged in to Update Credit Card Info



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