My 20 Year Journey. By Leigh

Hi, I have been reading some of the stories submitted and decided I would share my story.

It has been a journey of over 20 years. It started with allergic reactions that were sporadic and never made any sense and led to diagnosis of fibromyalgia and depression. The allergic reactions became more bothersome and frequent and I went through the most likely allergens environmental but was told foods were too cumbersome to test and therefore never tested.

I started having IBS and stomach problems but of course no studies just medication to help with the symptoms. My allergic reactions became more violent but I was never able to predict when they would hit. Sometimes I went a year without a reaction.

I gained over 100 pounds in the last six years and became increasingly more fatigued and in pain and increased IBS. The doctors had no answers just more medication and told to exercise and diet. Nothing was helping.

Then my husband and I were in Hilo Hawaii on vacation and we had a large lunch of pasta and went for a long hike. I had a severe reaction went into anaphylaxis and was told that I would die the next time if I did not find out what I was allergic to.

I then indeed did have reactions though mild almost monthly until it finally hit me and I almost died and decided I had to do something. I was tested for all the foods and found to be wheat allergic. I went off of all wheat products and lost 40 pounds in one month.

I became very ill and the IBS was out of control. This is when they decided to do the Celiac test and of course they came back inconclusive because I had been off wheat for over 3 months. So I now say that I am Gluten intolerant and follow the diet strictly and IBS is gone, chronic fatigue is gone and leading a more normal life.

I now am very active in educating others especially those who seem to be having similar problems with allergies and no answers. Thanks for giving people a place to tell their stories.

Leigh, Spokane, Wa.


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