Migraine Headaches, Chronic Sinus Infections, Hives. By Dana Hodowanic

My name is Dana and for years i have suffered many symptoms from migraine headaches to chronic sinus infections and hives.  The headaches were the most debilitating.  Anyhow, after going to see many western medicine doctors i was either told that i was depressed or that my symptoms were caused from stress.  In my mind i was neither, so i did not fall prey to taking drugs to cover my symptoms.  Then one day i decided to go see a naturopath.  After talking with him we both agreed that it would be a good idea for me to have a allergy test run.  I was surprised at the results.  Not only was i allergic to gluten, but all dairy as well.  Right away i thought- great, just go ahead and shoot me now cause i was told that in order for my symptoms to get better i’d better take a good hard look at my diet habits.  I needed to make a lifestyle diet change and then i became depressed.

I thought i was doing well because i am not a fast food junkie nor do i eat fried foods, chips and soda.  Instead i was eating yogurt, cheese, drinking milk and loved my pastries, breads and cereals.  Just not the right kind, apparently.

I first started with a nutritional detox to rid my body of all the bad stuff and then i started in on the gluten free diet.  I was amazed that the little town where my husband and i have a lake home had a GF bakery.  That saved the day for me.  I was still able to enjoy cinnamon rolls in the morning with my green tea instead of coffee, snacks (the best chocolate chips cookies I’ve ever eaten) as well as many lunch and dinner items.  Then i went broke, so i bought a cookbook and went crazy.  At first it seems overwhelming at all the ingredients you have to buy, but once you stock up i found it no different than what i was buying before.

It’s only been seven months since I’ve been gluten free, but practically all of my symptoms have disappeared.  It’s amazing.  No longer do i sit and itch away when I’m watching TV.  I can work in my garden with no sinus problems and my headaches are less frequent and mild.  Besides that, i now longer yawn all day at work and sleep well at night.  I even have more energy than before.  I feel young again.  I think i’m going to like the 50’s.

Being well for me means being gluten free.  You’ll be amazed at the results.  It’s worth it to feel good!!!

All is well and Life Is Good.

A lifer of Gluten free foods, Dana Hodowanic 🙂



  1. Thanks for Dana’s story. I too am on a gluten and dairy free diet. This is a major adjustment because I love dairy products but willing to do whatever I need to to feel better. However, what can I substitute for the dairy products. It’s only been one month. Please help. Thanks for any suggestions.


  2. Instead of milk you can use: rice, almond, soy, hemp or coconut milk. Instead of sour cream or cream cheese: try the Tofutti brand, or any brand of tofu (I would stick to the silken style in soft or medium texture. For whipping cream, use canned coconut milk – check out our recipe to make a great tasting dairy free chocolate (or plain) whipping cream. Hope this gives you a place to start!

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