Lived on 7-Up, rice, & boiled eggs. By B.K.M.

I will state Celiac disease is inherited, and it more or less is dormant working slowly in the background & when a person gets real ill it will take over.  Over the years before I  was diagnosed, my fingernails would peel off in layers,  lived with constant headaches, in 1969 I also had perfectly good teeth and then  any one morning I would have an abscessed tooth and it would have to be pulled, my body wasn’t getting the nourishment from any food I ate.  To be able to be able to remember anything I had to write it down (example anyone I talked to & etc.).  I lived on 7up, rice, & boiled eggs. Not knowing what was wrong with me I would feel good from those items I could tolerate and so would tell my husband I was going to have a slice of toast & a side of ham.  Needless to say I was back on my way with diarrhea, the slice of bread was responsible.

I became very seriously ill the winter of 1971, lost all the bacteria  out of the intestinal tract and had constant diarrhea which I couldn’t get stopped, they even had me taking Belladonna, I had lost 29 pounds & the Dr. said the most he’d known anyone to lose & live was 32 pounds. & I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in July 1972, at the Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, WA.  I was able to stay in the building connected to the Hospital  so I would be close in case I had any problems during the period it took to do all the testing.

To diagnose the Celiac Disease they did a biopsy of the small intestine which indicated I had the disease as the villi was badly damaged & by my not eating any thing with wheat, rye, barley or oats & the derivatives of  those the villi would grow back in time, however any time one eats any of those things it damages the villi..  They started on a Monday and finished everything on the Friday and we were able to come back to ID.  Note:  I still have the Gluten free Diet  that was prescribed by Dr. Gelfand, July 26, 1972.

After the diagnosis of Celiac Disease was made & my 1st trip to my dentist in 1972, I told him I had Celiac disease, he said he had studied it Dentistry College & I was the 1st person he’d ever seen that had Celiac disease

I am doing very well with a gluten free diet, and I truly feel I’m not deprived of anything that is good for me.    In fact I feel so grateful as there are a lot of other people that have many things worse than I, that a gluten free diet means I live a healthy life & that’s what it is about.



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