Life Long Symptoms Ended 3 Days After Removing Gluten! By Monica Stapleton

I’m glad to share my story. It really helped me to pinpoint my intolerance when I read other people’s symptoms.

I had been suffering with reactions to food for over ten years, probably much longer. I am 42 now and I remember experiencing some of my symtoms as a teenager. I tried eliminating almost every other food at some time or another. It never occurred to me that it was wheat. I did eliminate white flour and assumed that sugar was giving me problems. It helped somewhat, but eliminating other foods never stopped all of my symptoms from affecting me.

I had dark circles under my eyes. I was tired all the time. I was irritable and was having increasing problems with depression. I had arthritis, especially up and down my spine. I was beginning to feel like an old lady with stiffness and fatigue. Most of the time I felt that I was in an underwater diving suit – like I had a bubble around my head. I just felt spacy. At times this was my most severe symptom. I had days when I was afraid to drive because I felt I just wasn’t able to focus well enough. I had a ringing in my ears from time to time and then one ear would go deaf for a minute.

The only stomach or bowel issue I ever had was an occasional severe pain that I thought was associated with menstrual cramps. I have not experienced this since I stopped eating wheat over a year ago so I assume it was associated with wheat. Since I was not having severe stomach problems I never suspected a wheat intolerance. I had always thought I was sensitive to sugar since my family has a history of diabetes.

I came across an article about wheat intolerance that described my symptoms perfectly, however. I was so convinced that this was my problem that I stopped eating wheat that day. Within three days every single symptom disappeared completely. I really didn’t expect that because I did not put all of my symptoms together in one condition. I thought I was just getting stiff, for example, and that I would have to live with that. Mostly, I was hoping the fatigue and depression would be helped. I got more than I bargained for, though! For the first time in ten to fifteen years I felt completely healthy. It was absolutely amazing! I am so thankful for the people who have posted this information on the web! I think I’m a better mom!

I tried eating wheat twice after that and woke up the following morning aching all over and depressed. When I look at wheat now I see poison! That’s how dramatic my reaction is to it.

I believe that the history of diabetes in my family could possibly be related to undiagnosed celiacs disease. I feel that I have probably been saved from developing diabetes. I think I was on my way to developing an auto immune disease of some sort, whether it was rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes – I hope I’ll never know!

Thanks Angie for the web site.

Monica Stapleton


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