Judy Gerken’s Story

I was told 15 months ago that I had Celiac Disease.  I had a genetic disease, FAP, and had to have my colon removed which resulted in an ileostomy for me.  I was rechecked in December of last year and told in Jan that I should go on the diet. Having a little gluten would be okay.  I followed the diet very closely for 8 weeks, ended up taking 10 Imodium a day, felt terrible and saw no difference.  I had not had any symptoms to start off with, so I felt like if I had this the diet would make me feel even better.

That wasn’t the case!  My vision got affected, symptoms that were supposed to go away with the diet appeared on me, so my doctor took me off the diet and told me to relax.  I still feel the same, I do watch what gluten I do eat most days and keep it down, have learned that gravy with cornstarch is great, cut the flour in noodles down and use white rice flour with some wheat, but they are very good and not much different than the wheat noodles.

Anyway, I know you won’t want to publish this as it isn’t helpful to others and may lead them to think they could do this too.  I just wanted to let you know what was going on with me.  I am glad I became a member of the club though as I have it for help if I have to go back on the diet.  Please continue to keep me informed as to what is happening.  Thanks for all your time and for being there for those of us with this silly thing.


Judy Gerken


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