I got really depressed and scared! By Nicole

After spending the past 3 YEARS unknowingly being an ill celiac, I was not surprised at the diagnosis.  Receiving varying “guesses” from doctors, I did research day and night.  I walked into a new naturopath, and blurted out “I’ve got to figure this out!  I cannot be allergic to every food other than broccoli…(which I had been eating for 3 straight weeks-of course coupled with ezekiel bread as suggested by a health care professional!)  To rule that out I need this special food allergy kit, and  the list of blood work including the gliadins.  “I don’t have health insurance so of course she advised me to start simply, but I’d had enough.  I explained to her why I felt I had celiac sprue, and what I needed to do about it. Luckily she did not kick me out!  She chuckled.

When I got the call with the results, I was seriously in shock.  I thought I was prepared mentally, but I got really depressed and scared.  I have an extremely busy lifestyle.  I am a single mother of two boys, 5 & 7.  I own and run a coffee shop/ cafe.  I attend classes at my local community college.  T-Ball, swimming lessons and surfing.  How can I fit this in also?   It took a few days but I regained my focus.  I was already feeling better!   This web site was an awesome resource for me when i was at my lowest.  I receive some tasty recipes.  Read others experiences.  I am not a freak!  My family is slowly beginning to understand and accept that I am not a hypocondriac.  For them to witness my regaining of self has done all the talking.  Any information I printed out for myself, I just made seven copies to pass out.  I live in a semi-small tourist town on the oregon coast and there are great restaurants here.  So far, I have been the one to call for reservations so I can explain ahead of time and pre-order my meal to save time and lower the odds of a mistake.  Dating is interesting enough to say the least!

The internet has opened up a whole world of resources for me.  I am not alone, and not confined to broccoli anymore.  My kids are happy to have their mommy back.  When mommy’s happy, everybody’s happy.  I’ve still got a while ahead of me to repair my liver and thyroid but am on my way.  There is hope and i’ve got faith in myself.  Be proactive, don’t accept what your gut tells you not to.  Two-fold?  Absolutely.

Thank you Angie for your resource and support.       —Nicole

P.S.  I changed up one of your recipes a bit, I think you should try:  Organic grated coconut, Organic mangoes, unsweetened condensed milk.  chop mangoes med., mix all together, ball, drop onto a cookie sheet,  bake for ten minutes at 300.  My kids added organic chocolate chips to a few.  After a dinner party, we served these with frozen balls of frozen yogurt.  It wasn’t until then, I informed everyone they had eaten a fully organic,  wheat free gluten free, complete meal.  They were amazed!


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