How Long Does Sriracha Last? Can It Go Bad?

Does Sriracha Go Bad? Sriracha is quite a spicy sauce. And it is sold in big bottles too. This means that if you are not someone that is into hot food and hot sauces are not essential to your meals, it may take you a while to go through a bottle of sriracha. But sriracha is a must-have condiment for many people. Even if they don’t use it often, there is always room for a bottle of this sauce in the fridge. Luckily, sriracha, the famous hot sauce, has a quite long shelf life. You do have to follow a few simple rules as with any other condiment you buy.

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How to Store Sriracha?

The storage conditions for sriracha are pretty much the same as for any other hot sauce. An unopened bottle of sriracha doesn’t need refrigeration. The key is keeping it away from light and heat. You should never leave sriracha under the sun or near such heat sources as the oven, the stovetop, and other kitchen appliances that get hot while they operate. You should also make sure to keep sriracha in a room where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. For this reason, the pantry is ideal. If you want to keep the sauce in a kitchen cabinet, make sure it is away from the stovetop as the steam from cooking will cause temperature fluctuations which certainly won’t do the sauce any good. Once you open the sauce, the primary rule is keeping it tightly sealed at all times. An opened bottle of sriracha doesn’t need to be refrigerated, especially if you are someone that goes through these sauce bottles very quickly. Keeping the sauce in a cool pantry or kitchen cabinet will do the job. If it is hot where you live or you want to make sure that the sauce keeps well for longer, store the sriracha in the fridge. In fact, the fridge is a safer option compared to the pantry as the temperature there is low and steady which is certainly good for maintaining the quality of the sauce.
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How Long Does Sriracha Last?

The shelf life of sriracha is determined by two things. How long the sauce lasts is determined by the ‘Best by’ date printed on the bottle. As you may know, this is simply an estimation by the manufacturer of how long the sauce will maintain its best flavor qualities and intensity. However, this is also a good indication for people who stick to the instructions and never use products past the printed date. But how you store the sauce is more important than the date on the packaging. If you have been keeping the sauce near heat sources, the ‘Best by’ date means nothing as the sauce has most likely gone bad. On the flip side, if you have provided proper storage conditions for your sriracha sauce, the chances of it still being good way past the ‘Best by’ date are very high. So, how long does sriracha last? Store-bought sauces contain preservatives. These make them safe for consumption for a long period of time. What makes sriracha even more long-lasting is the vinegar in it. Vinegar is an acidic natural preservative. It is very efficient in killing bacteria and slows down the spoilage of sriracha. An unopened bottle of sriracha can be kept for around 24 months past the printed date so long as you provide proper storage conditions. After that, open the sauce to see how it is doing.
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Once you open the sauce, you can keep it in the pantry for up to 9 months. The fridge will extend the shelf life of the sriracha sauce to at least 24 months.

How to Make Sriracha Last Longer?

If you want sriracha to last longer and keep better, there are two things you can do. First off, after pouring some sriracha into a bowl to use it as a dipping sauce, never put the leftovers back into the original bottle. Food particles getting into the sauce will make it deteriorate quicker. Additionally, by doing this you may transfer other flavors into the sauce. Secondly, keep the tip of the bottle clean. We all know how crusty those get and how unappealing they make the sauce look. Doing this will ensure that no dried particles get into your food and the cap fits tightly.

Can You Freeze Sriracha?

Technically, yes, you can freeze sriracha. Do you need to do it and will it make the sauce last longer? No, it probably won’t. There isn’t much sense in freezing sriracha as this sauce keeps long enough in the fridge too. There are two more reasons why freezing sriracha is not a good idea. First off, you never know when you will want a splash of hot sauce on your food. And thawing sriracha to use it will take a while. Secondly, freezing and thawing sriracha will thin the sauce down which is certainly not something any sriracha-lover wants.
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Signs That Sriracha Has Gone Bad

Sriracha doesn’t always go bad. In fact, it takes time for this sauce to degrade in quality so much as to consider it ‘bad’. With this being said, it is not impossible for sriracha to go bad. There are a few signs to give away bad sriracha. First off, if you notice mold in the sriracha, it is time for a new bottle. Secondly, an off-putting smell is an indicator of bad sriracha. Sriracha that is still good smells spicy with hints of garlic. Bad sriracha has a fermented smell. Lastly, major texture changes are also an indication of the fact that the sauce has gone bad. If you see that the sauce has developed a redder color, don’t hurry to toss it out. It is a natural process for any chile-based sauce to get darker over time. If the sauce looks and smells good, give it a taste test. If it tastes good, then you can go ahead and use it. It is not recommended to keep using the sriracha sauce you have had for too long, no matter if it has been opened or not, and no matter if it has been stored in the fridge or in the pantry.
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How Long Does Homemade Sriracha Last?

Sriracha has become such a common hot sauce that many people make it at home, trying to mimic the familiar flavor of this chile-based sauce. The shelf life of homemade sriracha is obviously shorter due to the lack of preservatives. However, the vinegar saves the day. It is one of the reasons why homemade sriracha keeps well for a few months in the fridge. Homemade sriracha sauce is likely to keep well for around 4 to 6 months. . .]]>

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